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Second Arrest in Paphos Drug Bust

In Paphos, a routine check escalated into a car chase leading to arrests and the discovery of over one kilogram of cannabis in an abandoned bag. Authorities seized a total of 10.884 kilograms of cannabis, 1 kilogram of cocaine, and 75,000 euros in cash from the suspects’ homes, shedding light on the extensive drug trafficking in the area.

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Ten Years in Jail for Cannabis Trafficker

The recent arrest at Larnaca Airport resulted in a tenyear prison sentence for a woman caught smuggling 9.5 kilograms of cannabis, showcasing the severe consequences of drug trafficking. Law enforcement’s vigilance and the judiciary’s zerotolerance policy aim to deter illegal activities and protect community wellbeing.

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Jailed for 12 Years for Cocaine Possession

In a recent highprofile case, a 34yearold man was sentenced to 12 years in prison for possessing 8 kilograms of cocaine with intent to distribute. Arrested during a warehouse raid in Mouttagiaka, he also agreed to testify against a key figure in the drug operation under witness protection.

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Arrest of Suspected Criminal in Nicosia

Yesterday, a 43yearold man was arrested in Nicosia on multiple charges, including drug trafficking, arson, use of explosives, and threats of murder and assault. The arrest was a significant development in an ongoing investigation that has spanned over two years, involving coordinated efforts by various law enforcement branches.

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Over 5kg cannabis confiscated in Limassol

Over 5kg of cannabis and 99 grams of cocaine were confiscated in Limassol during a recent police operation, leading to the arrest of a 52yearold man with €14,000 in cash. Ongoing investigations by the Limassol drug squad suggest a larger drug trafficking network may be at play in the city.

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Limassol Court Issues Remand in Cannabis Trafficking Case

In the Limassol District Court, two men were remanded in custody for eight days after being caught with nine kilograms of cannabis. This incident sheds light on the efforts Cyprus is making to combat drug trafficking and the importance of swift judicial action and international cooperation in such cases.

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Nine Kilograms of Cannabis Seized in International Mail

Authorities in Cyprus intercepted nine kilograms of cannabis in two packages during a mail inspection, leading to the arrest of two young men and highlighting the challenges in detecting illegal drug transport through international mail systems. The investigation continues to uncover the full extent of the operation, emphasizing the need for enhanced screening procedures and international cooperation in the fight against illicit activities.

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Scheduled Night Works on Nikaia Street Towards New Limassol Hospital

The overnight roadworks on Nikaia Street towards the New Limassol Hospital are scheduled from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., starting Thursday, January 11. They include temporary lane closures and traffic rerouting, focusing on minimizing daytime disruption and ensuring road safety. The night works also extend to the NicosiaLimassol highway, with similar traffic diversions in place.

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