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Ozel: Changing the Narrative from “Baby Homeland” to “Sister Country”

Turkish opposition leader Ozgur Ozel has proposed ditching the term “baby homeland” in favor of “sister country” for describing the relationship between Turkey and Northern Cyprus, marking a shift towards equality and respect. This linguistic pivot signifies a move away from a parentchild dynamic to a partnership of equals, reflecting a broader evolution in Turkish and Cypriot politics towards mutual understanding and cooperation.

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Dendias Visit Marks a New Chapter in Greek-Cypriot Relations

Greek Defence Minister Nikos Dendias’s visit to Cyprus solidifies a strengthened bond between the two nations, marking a departure from Greece’s junta past and emphasizing a commitment to stability and cooperation in the Mediterranean. The visit underscores a shared goal for a just and enduring solution to the Cyprus issue, highlighting the unwavering support and solidarity between Greece and Cyprus in their pursuit of regional stability and collaboration.

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Renewed Push for Reunification in Cyprus

Cyprus President Nikos Christodoulides is leading a renewed push for reunification of the divided island, aiming to resolve the Cyprus problem through a bizonal, bicommunal federation with EU principles and diplomatic efforts. Working closely with the UN and international partners, President Christodoulides promises positive news by the end of the year to end the occupation and bring a sustainable solution for all residents.

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UN Envoy’s Insight into Cypriot Stalemate

The UN envoy Maria Angela Holguin delves into the psychological barriers hindering political progress in Cyprus, pointing to deeply ingrained beliefs that complicate negotiations and require a nuanced approach. Despite the challenges, diplomatic efforts persist with cautious optimism, highlighting the delicate balance between hope and realism in navigating the complex landscape of Cypriot politics.

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Greek PM’s Upcoming Meeting on Cyprus’ Future

Greek PM Mitsotakis’ meeting with UN SecretaryGeneral Guterres will focus on reigniting negotiations for a sustainable resolution to the Cyprus problem, aligning with UN resolutions. The urgency of the talks is emphasized, with hopes for a potential turning point in Cyprus’ future after five decades of division.

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President Christodoulides Stands Firm on Cyprus Negotiations

President Christodoulides remains resolute in seeking a just and viable solution to the Cyprus issue, aligning with UN guidelines and EU values, without compromising Cypriot principles or human rights. Greece’s President Sakellaropoulou reaffirmed unwavering support in ending the occupation and division of Cyprus, marking a solemn milestone of 50 years since the Turkish invasion.

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