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Juicy Button Games in Cyprus recently secured a $3 million seed funding round led by The Games Fund, enabling them to develop a new mobilefirst 4x strategy game at their Limassol headquarters. This investment milestone highlights the studio’s emergence in the gaming industry, with seasoned cofounders paving the way for success in the bustling coastal city.

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Limassol Games Studio Embarks on Ambitious Global Quest

Juicy Button Games, a Limassolbased studio, is developing a cuttingedge 4x strategy game with a mobilefirst focus after securing $3 million in seed funding from The Games Fund. This ambitious venture aims to challenge the dominance of Chinese studios in the genre, marking a significant step for European game developers on the global stage.

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Cyprus: Emerging as a Global Tech & Innovation Hub

Cyprus is transforming into a global tech and innovation hub, showcasing its growing ICT ecosystem contributing over 10% to its GDP. With impressive legal/tax frameworks, robust infrastructure, and quality education, Cyprus is attracting international attention through events like the 2nd Cyprus – The New Global Tech & Innovation Hub Summit.

1 cyprus gaming jurisdiction

Cyprus gains momentum as a gaming jurisdiction: GDEV leads the way

Cyprus is gaining momentum as a gaming jurisdiction, with GDEV leading the way. The country’s talented workforce, innovative culture, and favorable business environment, including a low corporate tax rate of 2.5%, make it an attractive destination for game development and entrepreneurship. GDEV, formerly Nexters, has become a multinational corporation and the only Cypriot company listed on Nasdaq, with popular gaming franchises like “Hero Wars” and “Pixel Gun 3D.” Their success showcases Cyprus’s thriving tech and gaming scene, and their strategic milestones and acquisitions have solidified their position in the market. Despite challenges, GDEV remains resilient and looks to diversify and expand in the future, leveraging Cyprus’s business ecosystem and commitment to cuttingedge technologies.

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