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Cyprus Business Now: Embracing Social Responsibility and Enhancing Skillsets

In 2024, OPAP Cyprus is deeply committed to social responsibility, backing the “Arodafnousa” Palliative Care Centre in partnership with the Cyprus AntiCancer Society and introducing a bus service for cancer patients in Paphos and Limassol. The Pancyprian Federation of Independent Trade Unions prioritizes worker wellbeing through educational seminars, while the Cyprus Productivity Center (KEPA) expands training programs to nonurban areas to enhance skill development across the island.

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Cyprus Business Now: Weekly Wrap-up

This week in Cyprus, the Bank of Cyprus reported a profit after tax of €487 million, showcasing financial stability. Meanwhile, the Poseidonia Hotel in Limassol is spearheading a sustainable transition, and the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority called for renewable energy reforms to drive transformation.

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Cyprus Chamber of Commerce Welcomes New Economic Measures

The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce has endorsed targeted economic support measures including electricity subsidies, fuel tax cuts, and cash assistance for families and displaced individuals to alleviate financial strain from high energy costs and inflation. These measures aim to support businesses, families, and vulnerable groups, contributing to sustainable economic growth and resilience in Cyprus.

1 cyprus-austria business association

Cyprus and Austria Strengthen Economic Ties Through Vienna Event

Cyprus and Austria are strengthening their economic ties through collaborative efforts such as business forums and networking events. The focus is on enhancing commercial relations, exploring investment opportunities in sectors like real estate, green energy, and ICT, and leveraging financial benefits from their double taxation treaty.

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