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The Cypriot integrating art and technology

Baris Gencel is revolutionizing art by integrating advanced technologies like AI, the Metaverse, and Digital Fashion Web3 with creative expression. His works invite audience interaction and use custom technologies, such as Kinect sensor cameras, for immersive experiences. Gencel’s vision extends to using AI in education in Cyprus, aiming to empower a new, techsavvy creative generation.

1 cyprus airways

Cyprus Airways Records Revenue Surge Despite Regional Turmoil

Cyprus Airways has achieved a 21% increase in revenue despite a decrease in passenger traffic and flights due to Middle East tensions. This success is attributed to higher fares, strategic route adjustments, the introduction of a Business Class service, an AIdriven revenue management system, and a focus on operational resilience and safety.

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Cyprus Financial Strategy for 2024: A Billion Euro Bond Issuance

Cyprus has unveiled its financial strategy for 2024, aiming to secure €1.3 billion primarily through a €1 billion European MediumTerm Note (EMTN) issuance. The plan also includes raising funds from domestic treasury bills, bonds for private investors, and supranational entities, showcasing a diversified approach to ensure economic stability and growth.

1 cyprus airways

Cyprus Airways Launches Direct Flights to Brussels

Cyprus Airways has launched direct flights to Brussels, with plans to increase the frequency to three times a week by summer 2024. They have also announced new flights to Nice, France, starting on December 12, 2023, operating twice a week, enhancing connectivity and offering unique travel experiences.

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