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Cyprus is gearing up for the tourist season by streamlining work permit processes for foreigners, with Labor Minister Yiannis Panayiotou noting a significant decrease in wait times. Over 4,000 new permits were issued by May’s end, ensuring the tourism sector is fully staffed for the summer influx.

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How Cyprus Became a Hub for Innovative AI Technology

Cyprus has become a hub for innovative AI technology like Ravatar, attracting talent and startups with lifestyle perks and favorable tax rates. Ravatar, founded by IT luminary Ruslan Synytsky in Cyprus, is pioneering 3D AI avatars, transforming humanmachine interaction with lifelike digital experiences.

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Enhancing Digital Futures: Cyprus Advances AI and Data Strategy

Cyprus is advancing in AI and data strategy through partnerships with Greece, enhancing digital services, improving data quality, fostering private sector innovation, and ensuring ethical AI use, while complying with international standards like the EU’s AI Act. The collaboration between Cyprus and Greece, announced by Deputy Minister Nicodemos Damianou, promises exciting digital advancements like the Digital Citizen application and a shift towards applicationoriented strategies, aiming to make AI work for everyday life and streamline interactions with citizens.

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AI Revolution in Cyprus Real Estate: Meet Placy

The AI revolution in Cyprus real estate is being spearheaded by Placy, an innovative assistant tool that enhances efficiency, automates tasks, and provides deep insights for agents and clients. With a focus on global market reach and costcutting measures, Placy signifies a transformative era for the industry, offering a strategic advantage in navigating the market landscape.

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Unveiling the Future of Healthcare: AI’s Role in Enhancing Data-Driven Strategies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing healthcare at the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING), enhancing precision medicine through datadriven strategies. Through the Department of Bioinformatics (CBIG), AI is advancing early diagnosis, effective prognoses, and drug discovery, transforming patient care and reshaping the understanding and treatment of diseases through bioinformatics.

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Exploring AI’s Role in Our Lives: A Joint Lecture by Tepak and Famagusta Chamber of Commerce

The joint lecture by Tepak and Famagusta Chamber of Commerce dived deep into the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), focusing on how technologies like Chat GPT impact our daily routines and business sectors. With experts like Sotiris Hatzis highlighting AI’s potential and Charalambos Manolis emphasizing its relevance in various sectors, the event aimed to bridge academia and industry to foster informed communities.

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Limassol Carnival Tradition Gets an AI Makeover

The Limassol Carnival, a traditional celebration in Cyprus, is embracing innovation through a partnership with Blackbook agency to incorporate AI technology. This year’s carnival features the first AIdesigned poster, symbolizing a blend of traditional festivities with contemporary digital art aimed at attracting a global audience and redefining cultural marketing.

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