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Online Fraud: A Cautionary Tale

The cautionary tale from Limassol serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of online fraud. A 60yearold resident fell victim to a scammer who manipulated empathy through an innocent text message, resulting in a loss of over €55,000. It underscores the importance of verifying identities, avoiding sharing personal financial information online, and staying vigilant against red flags in financial requests to protect oneself from cyber fraud.

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Europol launches new ‘most-wanted’ campaign, includes Cyprus crimes

Europol has launched a new campaign targeting the capture of Europe’s mostwanted criminals, including suspects of serious crimes in Cyprus. The campaign encourages public assistance in tracking down these fugitives by providing tips. Citizens are empowered to act as heroes in aiding law enforcement and ensuring public safety. Visit Europol’s website for details and to report information anonymously.

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Man remanded for possession of child pornography

Larnaca law enforcement recently arrested a 36yearold man for possessing child pornography after a thorough investigation led to a search of the suspect’s home, where numerous files and digital devices indicative of child sexual abuse were seized. This arrest highlights the ongoing global fight against child exploitation.

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