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Cyprus Must Act Now to Tackle Extreme Heat and Water Stress

Cyprus must act swiftly to combat extreme heat and water stress by harnessing solar energy, promoting sustainable tourism, implementing educational initiatives, and utilizing rainwater and grey water for nonpotable purposes. The rising temperatures and dwindling water reserves highlight the urgent need for these strategies to secure a sustainable future for the island nation amidst escalating climate challenges.

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Regular Heatwaves Forecast for July

The German Meteorological Service (DWD) predicts a scorching heatwave for Cyprus in July, with temperatures soaring 3 to 6 degrees above normal. Citizens are advised to brace for the intense heat and health risks, especially for vulnerable populations.

agriculture climate change

Farmers Warn of Price Hikes in Fresh Produce Without Support

Farmers are warning of potential price hikes in fresh produce like tomatoes, black eyed peas, and watermelons due to climate challenges causing damage to farming infrastructure and crops. Without support for recovery and proactive measures, the cost of basic food items could rise significantly, impacting consumers and farmers alike.

climate change cyprus

The Looming Threat to Cyprus’ Coastline

Climate change poses a dire threat to Cyprus, with rising sea levels endangering up to half of its beaches in the next 50 years. Urgent adaptation strategies, including transitioning to renewable energy sources, are needed to protect the island’s infrastructure, tourism industry, and natural environment.

wildfire emergency response

Farmakas Fire Contained, Risk of Flare-Ups Still Present

The Farmakas wildfire near Nicosia has been contained with no active fronts remaining, thanks to the efforts of over 250 firefighters and support personnel, along with firefighting aircraft. While the immediate threat has been addressed, the risk of flareups persists, requiring continued vigilance from emergency responders and the community.

sustainability energy efficiency

Sustainable Windows in Cyprus: A Smart Investment?

Installing sustainable windows in Cyprus offers benefits like energy savings, reduced utility bills, and better insulation, despite the higher initial investment. These windows not only help in improving thermal efficiency but also provide added perks like noise reduction and natural light optimization, making them a smart choice for longterm environmental and financial returns.

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