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Engage in Culture and Celebration: This Weekend’s Event Lineup

This weekend in Cyprus promises a vibrant blend of culture and celebration. From art and sports at the AG Leventis Gallery to German cinema under the stars with Sommerkino at the GoetheInstitut, along with coastal parties and cinematic masterpieces at Pervolia’s Kahuna Surfhouse and Paphos International Film Festival, there’s an array of events to engage in and enjoy. Whether you’re a fan of fine art, cinematic storytelling, or beachside festivities, this weekend offers a diverse and enriching lineup of cultural encounters for all to savor.

investment collaboration

EIB offices in Cyprus to be inaugurated in autumn

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is set to open new offices in Cyprus this autumn, marking a significant move to strengthen financial partnership and enhance the local economy. The presence of EIB in Cyprus will offer strategic advantages, providing valuable resources and expertise to drive economic development in the region.

humanitarian collaboration

Cyprus and Armenia Collaboration on Missing Persons

Cyprus and Armenia are joining forces to address the issue of missing persons, a shared challenge stemming from historical conflicts. This humanitarian alliance aims to locate and identify the lost, provide closure to affected families, and honor the memories of those who have vanished. Through collaboration, they are symbolizing hope and demonstrating the power of unity in addressing humanitarian concerns.

local governance collaboration

District Governors Pledge to Work Collectively

The district governors in Cyprus are committed to improving administrative efficiency, fostering civic engagement, and providing responsive governance for citizens across the island. They aim to work collectively, transcend political divides, and enhance the quality of life and services while embracing economic and social development.

space research innovation

Cypriot Innovators Triumph at NASA Space Apps Challenge

The Cypriot team “Brute Force” triumphed at the NASA Space Apps Challenge with their Moonquake Map project, beating over 3,000 global submissions. This victory showcases Cyprus’s scientific excellence and innovative capabilities, positioning the nation as a key player in the global space research arena.

tourism sustainability

Larnaca Unveils New Corporate Identity to Boost Tourism

Larnaca has unveiled a new corporate identity to boost tourism, highlighting its rich history and commitment to sustainable tourism. The city’s rebranding showcases its unique character, ancient treasures, and modern hospitality developments, inviting tourists to create lasting memories in this living storybook city.

education vandalism

School Authorities Decry Surge in Student Vandalism

School authorities in Cyprus, led by the Sedmek association, are deeply concerned about the surge in student vandalism. They are calling for a collective effort involving parents, the Ministry of Education, and law enforcement to combat this issue and protect the educational spaces in the country.

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