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training collaboration

SupportCY Volunteers Take Part in Missing Persons Training

SupportCY volunteers recently participated in missing persons training with Cyprus emergency services, improving search techniques and profiling skills for vulnerable individuals. A joint field exercise successfully located a ‘missing child’, showcasing effective teamwork and resource use, reinforcing community safety and preparedness for future cases.

responsible gaming betting addiction

Players Can Self-Exclude from Online Betting in Cyprus

Players in Cyprus can selfexclude from online betting by registering on, choosing between temporary or permanent exclusion options. This groundbreaking platform prevents access to all licensed Class B online betting operators in the country, promoting responsible gaming and tackling betting addiction.

cinema cultural experience

A Glimpse into the Heart of Cinema: YEAST Film Festival

The YEAST International Student Film Festival in Limassol offers a dynamic threeday showcase of nearly a hundred student films worldwide. With screenings, workshops, EU funding info sessions, and musical performances, it promises a rich cultural celebration of international cinema and creativity, complete with English subtitles for all films.

local government reform collaboration

Steadfast Amidst Change: Local Government Reforms in Cyprus

President Nikos Christodoulides assures that the philosophy behind local government reforms in Cyprus will remain steadfast, emphasizing collaboration and representation. With a proactive stance towards potential challenges, the government aims to uphold the core principles of governance amidst political diversity, showcasing a commitment to transparency and resilience in the reform process.

peace-building collaboration

Two decades of EU-UN peacebuilding in Cyprus

The EUUN partnership in Cyprus has significantly advanced peacebuilding efforts by fostering dialogue, trust, and reconciliation between communities. Through initiatives like promoting economic development, preserving cultural heritage, and addressing humanitarian concerns, the collaboration has laid a strong foundation for lasting peace and prosperity in the region.

solar energy collaboration

Bicommunal Buffer Zone Solar Farm Touted

The bicommunal solar farm project proposed for Nicosia’s buffer zone aims to generate 30 to 50 megawatts of renewable energy, symbolizing cooperation between Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities and aligning with the European Green Deal for environmental, economic, and social benefits. This visionary initiative, spearheaded by mayoral candidate Nikos Tornaritis, not only highlights the potential of harnessing solar power in an area abundant with sunlight but also serves as a beacon of unity and sustainability for a brighter future in Cyprus.

community service volunteerism

Strengthening Volunteerism: PVCC Joins Forces with Cyprus Red Cross

The Pan Cyprian Volunteerism Coordinative Council (PVCC) and Cyprus Red Cross have formed a partnership to strengthen community service and civic engagement in Cyprus. Through an exchange of knowledge and expertise, they aim to introduce innovative projects and create opportunities for impactful volunteerism, inspiring a wave of compassion and altruism in the community.

1 cinematic collaboration

Cultural Renaissance through Cinematic Collaboration

The Cyprus Film School is leading a cultural renaissance in Cyprus through film actor training, courses, master classes, cultural events, and the production of captivating short films and performances. Their collaboration with The Banished Inc. is set to establish the island as a global hub for film education and innovation.

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