1 bus safety enhancements

safety inspections

Comprehensive Report on Roadpol’s Truck and Bus Safety Campaign

A recent comprehensive report on Roadpol’s Truck and Bus Safety Campaign unveiled alarming violations in Cyprus. Out of 688 trucks inspected, 852 infractions were identified, including tachograph issues (243) and speeding (44). Meanwhile, 154 bus inspections revealed 39 reports, mainly focused on document irregularities (35), underscoring the need for continued road safety measures.

renovation challenges

Renewal of Kyrenia Promenade Underway

Renovations of Kyrenia’s sea promenade and old harbour are underway, focusing on enhancing vibrancy, safety, and historical appeal. With plans to transform the area into a welcoming public space and preserve cultural heritage, the project aims to revitalize the coastal town and ensure completion of infrastructure improvements.

road maintenance night works

Upcoming Night Works on Limassol Bypass and Related Motorways

Motorists in Limassol should be prepared for upcoming night works on the bypass road, with maintenance between Germasogeia and Linaoptera roundabouts. Detours will be in place via local roads. Additionally, upgrades on the NicosiaLimassol and PaphosLimassol motorways will involve lane closures and traffic rerouting. Drive carefully and follow detour instructions for a smooth journey.

safety urban mobility

Reducing Speed Limits for Safer Urban Travel

Reducing speed limits in urban areas to 30km/h can significantly decrease traffic accidents by up to 20% with just a 10% reduction in speed. This initiative, spearheaded by the road safety council and supported by the department of public works, aims to enhance safety, promote ecofriendly transportation, and align with European trends towards a better urban quality of life.

infrastructure construction

Scheduled Maintenance on Limassol Bypass Road

Construction works on the Limassol bypass road will take place from 10:00 pm on Monday, February 26, until 5:00 am on Tuesday, February 27. A section between Agia Fyla and Mesa Geitonia roundabouts will be closed with detours via major avenues. Motorists should follow temporary signs and exercise caution during this period.

safety infrastructure

Ceiling Collapse Incident at Famagusta School Raises Concerns

The ceiling collapse incident at Canakkale middle school in Famagusta, Cyprus, occurred due to structural safety issues during school holidays, sparking concerns about the integrity of school buildings in the region. Inspections have revealed widespread safety problems in many schools, leading to calls for transparency in fund allocation for disaster protection to ensure the safety of students and faculty.

1 bus safety enhancements

Transport Minister Addresses Bus Safety Enhancements

The Transport Minister has mandated that bus companies submit a timeline for equipping their fleets with fire extinguishing equipment. An expert committee is evaluating potential safety systems, suitable also for air transport, for quick adoption. Additionally, 29 school buses are awaiting certification for their automatic fire extinguishing systems before resuming service. The immobilization of buses has had a significant impact on school transportation, with approximately 3,000 school pupils affected by the shortage. However, there is optimism that the situation will improve with the imminent arrival of fire safety equipment and the addition of 21 new buses for intercity travel.

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