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Seizure of Smuggled Beef in Northern Cyprus Leads to Arrests

Authorities in Northern Cyprus have cracked down on beef smuggling from the Republic of Cyprus, resulting in the arrest of two individuals and the seizure of 140 kg of illicit meat. The incident sheds light on challenges in controlling crossborder meat trade and the economic strain faced by local businesses, particularly butchers demanding action to equalize meat prices.

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Five Detained on Allegations of Smuggling Migrants into Cyprus

Cyprus authorities detained five individuals, four from Lebanon and one Syrian, who were allegedly smuggling 210 undocumented migrants into the country via three boats off Cape Greco. The arrests shed light on the challenges faced in managing maritime migration and border control, highlighting the need for a coordinated response to this ongoing issue.

1 beef smuggling

Beef Smuggling Operation Thwarted by Authorities

Authorities have successfully thwarted a beef smuggling operation in northern Nicosia, arresting two individuals and seizing 264 kilograms of beef. This coordinated effort is part of ongoing attempts to dismantle illegal trade networks, ensuring public safety and protecting local economies.

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