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Unrest and Racially Charged Assault in Paphos

The unrest in Paphos began with a peaceful march of Arab descent youths, leading to a racially charged assault by a local man. This escalated into property damage by some demonstrators, resulting in police intervention and arrests, highlighting the underlying racial tensions and challenges faced by asylum seekers and local communities in Paphos.

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Mother and Son Assault in Limassol Sparks Outrage

A 47yearold woman and her teenage son were violently assaulted by a group of about ten unidentified individuals in Limassol, near Kaloyeropoulio secondary school. The son sustained serious injuries and the attack has sparked community outrage and concerns over public safety. Authorities are investigating the incident.

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Mother and Son Attacked in Limassol

A mother and her teen son were brutally assaulted by a group of approximately ten individuals near Mesa Geitonia, Limassol. The son suffered serious injuries, including a broken nose and ribs, and is currently hospitalized, while the motives behind the attack remain unknown and are being investigated by the Limassol CID.

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