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Recreating Famagusta’s Past for the Future

The ‘Cabinet of Lost Memories’ and New Famagusta Museum Festival aim to honor Famagusta’s history, using art and narratives as tools for cultural revival and healing. By connecting the past with the future, these initiatives seek to reconcile communities and inspire hope for a brighter tomorrow in the city.

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Larnaca set for new gallery

The Municipal Art Gallery of Larnaca – Christoforou Collection is a new cultural gem in the heart of Larnaca, showcasing Greek paintings and engravings from the 19th and 20th centuries. Generously donated by Charalambos and Maria Christoforou, this historic building will serve as a hub for culture and creativity, enriching the city’s cultural landscape and attracting art enthusiasts from near and far.

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Exploring Art in Cyprus: A Journey Through Creativity and Culture

‘Dear Cyprus’ at Bairro Studio in Nicosia and ‘THERELIEFS’ at Pylon Art & Culture in Limassol showcase contemporary art exploring Cyprus’s culture and changing times, respectively. From April to June, visitors can engage with unique narratives through the works of 31 artists and a collaborative piece by artist Elina Ioannou and writer Louiza Papaloizou.

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Limassol Photo Festival returns

The Limassol Photography Festival (LPF) returns with a theme celebrating sports called “Athlos,” coinciding with the upcoming 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Featuring outdoor exhibitions by 28 international photographers, the festival showcases the evolution and impact of sports photography through conferences and talks until May 7.

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A Fusion of Tradition and Contemporary Art in Lefkara

t.a.s. gallery in Lefkara, Cyprus blends tradition with modern art in a unique space that showcases a fusion of traditional and contemporary artworks, curated fashion collections, and local culture. This innovative gallery, dubbed a “renaissance spaceship,” aims to connect different eras of art within a communitydriven and immersive setting.

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Lush Art in Difficult Times: A Cultural Respite

“Lush Art in Difficult Times” is a vibrant exhibition in Nicosia, showcasing affordable artwork like paintings and ceramics, welcoming new collectors to explore and purchase original pieces, embodying the enduring spirit of creativity and accessibility for all. The event runs until April 27, offering a cultural respite and a chance to immerse oneself in the captivating world of art.

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A Flourish of Creativity: New Exhibitions in Limassol

Limassol’s art scene is buzzing with new exhibitions: Maria Kyprianou’s “From Soil” at Gallery Morfi, Paparazzi’s “Vandalize” at The Warehouse by It Quarter, and Skolzki’s “Alevtina and Tamara” at the Old Vinegar Factory. From sculptures to street art and graphic novels, each showcase promises a unique experience for art enthusiasts in the city.

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Limassol’s The Shell unveiled

In Limassol, The Shell sculpture by Iota Ioannidou has emerged as a cultural landmark, captivating tourists and locals with its bronze beauty and seaside symbolism. Positioned in Pareklisia, this art piece not only enriches the city’s cultural landscape but also encourages public engagement and reflection.

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Touch(ed) by Plastic: A Bold Performance at Limassol Theatre

“Touch(ed)” at Limassol’s Rialto Theatre is a bold solo performance challenging societal norms about womanhood and art through movement, spoken word, and visual arts. This transgressive experience questions gender biases, monogamy, motherhood, and slutshaming, pushing the boundaries of acceptability in both art and life.

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A Journey of Courage on Canvas

Dinga’s upcoming art exhibition “5 Faces” is a poignant exploration of his life journey portrayed through African masks representing key stages—childhood, chaos, darkness, discovery, and peace. Every stroke on the canvas reflects resilience, identity, and transformation, making it a vivid dialogue on the power of art to narrate our stories.

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