1 alcohol consumption among minors

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Minors Facing Arson Charges Released on Bail

On a Friday night, a fire broke out at a local school, accompanied by vandalism. Eight minors were arrested and faced arson charges, but were later released on bail by the Nicosia District Court. The community had mixed reactions, with some expressing concern while others emphasized the importance of guidance and positive activities for youth development. Moving forward, the focus is on repairing the physical and emotional damage, as well as strengthening youth programs to prevent similar incidents in the future and nurture the potential in every young person.

alcohol driving under the influence

The Impact of Alcohol on Driving and the Enhanced Police Measures

Driving under the influence of alcohol has severe consequences on driver performance, impairing cognitive abilities, increasing risktaking behavior, slowing reaction times, and compromising vision. It is a major contributor to road fatalities in Europe, with 13.4% of fatal collisions in the past three years attributed to alcoholimpaired driving. In response, the police have implemented an extensive crackdown on drunk driving, including roundtheclock checkpoints across the road network, with the aim of enhancing road safety and reducing fatalities. Additionally, law enforcement officers will be enforcing laws against excessive speeding, distracted driving, and noncompliance with safety measures to promote safer driving practices.

1 alcohol consumption among minors

Stricter Penalties for Providing Alcohol to Minors, Says Law Commissioner

Louiza Zannetou, the Law Commissioner, has proposed stricter penalties for those providing alcohol to minors in Cyprus, including longer prison terms and higher fines. She also calls for improved law enforcement transparency, preventive education campaigns targeting businesses and parents, and a collaborative effort between government, law enforcement, and community organizations to combat underage drinking.

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