1 akamas development controversy

energy controversy

Energy Controversy: Aksa’s Profits and Public Outrage in Cyprus

Aksa, a Turkish energy company, is accused of profiteering in Cyprus, with profits claimed to be around $1 billion since 2000. Controversial contracts with KibTek, the north’s electricity authority, are criticized for prioritizing Aksa’s interests over local needs and potentially netting Aksa an additional €1.26bn by 2038, sparking public outrage and calls for governmental action.

1 akamas development controversy

Akamas Development Controversy Escalates

The controversy surrounding development projects in the Akamas region has escalated as environmental advocates criticize the agriculture ministry for mismanaging construction, resulting in noncompliant buildings. Newly constructed roads may violate the approved development plan, leading to a pause in construction activities and a thorough review by appointed experts to ensure future developments align with ecological standards.

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