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environmental concerns sustainable practices

Ineia Dismisses Greens’ Water Allegations

Ineia, a village in Paphos, faces allegations of redirecting water from an Akamas protected area for local farms, sparking a debate on environmental conservation versus agricultural needs. The clash highlights the delicate balance between development and ecological preservation, raising questions about sustainable practices and the future of farming in the region.

leadership controversy

Anastasiades’ Legacy in Question Amid Controversial Claims

Former Cypriot president Nicos Anastasiades’ legacy is under scrutiny due to claims he considered a twostate solution for Cyprus, contradicting his public stance on reunification. Revelations from the Crans Montana talks and challenges from political peers seeking clarification cast doubt on his leadership narrative, raising questions about the true extent of his commitment to resolving the island’s division.

development larnaca

Anticipation Builds for Larnaca Port and Marina Development

The upcoming Larnaca port and marina project holds the key to transforming the city into a bustling hub for commerce, tourism, and leisure in Cyprus. With promises of job creation, increased tourism, and sustainable growth, anticipation is high as residents and investors eagerly await the news on this pivotal development.

diplomatic movements controversy

UN Envoy Maria Angela Holguin’s Diplomatic Agenda

UN Envoy Maria Angela Holguin’s diplomatic focus in Cyprus involves mediating between Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot leaders, despite not planning to visit the island. Facing criticism from Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar, her role in fostering dialogue is central to the UN’s peacebuilding efforts, highlighting the challenges of balancing diplomatic strategies with public sentiment and sovereignty concerns.

business cyprus

Cyprus’ Controversial Detainment of a Business Tycoon

Simon Mistriel Aykut’s detention in Cyprus over real estate developments on disputed lands has stirred widespread controversy. Facing 124 charges, the business tycoon’s arrest has fueled tensions between northern and southern Cyprus, unveiling a complex geopolitical struggle over property rights and international law.

politics governance

Karousos Triumphs in Famagusta District Election

Yiannis Karousos emerged victorious in the Famagusta district governor election, securing 55% of the vote and signaling a new era of proactive governance focused on development and investment. His background as a former Transport Minister and mayor of Ayia Napa positions him well to lead the district towards growth and improved quality of life.

education development

Tepak Student Dorms: A Milestone for Higher Education

Tepak’s new student dormitories project is a €56 million investment that will introduce 154 rooms by 2026, enhancing academic and social experiences for students with multipurpose halls, amphitheaters, and a sustainable campus environment, reflecting the university’s growth and commitment to higher education.

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