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Paphos Fishermen Face Turmoil: Considering Strike Action

Paphos fishermen are considering strike action due to severe weather damaging their vessels and a lack of harbor infrastructure investments. They demand the construction of a new shelter for boats, a secure anchoring system, and a space to sell their catch directly, following the neglect of harbor safety upgrades to protect archaeological sites.

green party leadership election

Green Party Leadership: A Step Toward Unity or a Stumble Back?

The Green Party of Cyprus is currently facing challenges such as internal disputes, leadership changes, and a need for unity. Recent resignations have highlighted issues of disunity with the European Green movement and internal policy strife, reflecting a tension between maintaining the status quo and addressing political and environmental imperatives in a polarized landscape.

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Stability in Healthcare Spending: Cyprus Maintains 6% of GDP

Cyprus consistently allocates 6% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to healthcare spending, prioritizing the wellbeing of its citizens despite the European Union average dipping to 8.1%. This stable financial commitment reflects the nation’s strategic choice to maintain accessible and highquality healthcare services as a pillar of societal stability and prosperity.

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North Cyprus Population Numbers Announced by Leader

The Turkish Cypriot Leader Ersin Tatar has announced that the current official population of North Cyprus is 410,000. During his visit to the United Kingdom, Tatar disclosed the population numbers, providing transparency on the demographic statistics for the region and addressing concerns about military intentions.

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Unficyp Monitoring Activity in Buffer Zone

Unficyp, the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus, is actively monitoring the situation in the buffer zone where Turkish Cypriot soldiers have gathered, potentially for construction. Their role is to ensure peace and compliance with United Nations regulations, preventing any actions that may disturb the ceasefire lines and maintaining open communication between governing bodies to uphold the status quo.

mental health care infrastructure

Crafting a National Mental Health Strategy: A Pressing Concern in Cyprus

The national mental health strategy discussion in Cyprus is focused on addressing critical gaps in the mental health care system, including infrastructure deficiencies, the need for better patient support, the low bed ratio compared to European standards, and the importance of personalized treatments for eating disorders. The strategy aims to ensure dignified care, societal reintegration for mental health patients, and break societal taboos, with a call to action for government transparency and reform.

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