firefighting readiness aerial firefighting

Enhanced Measures for Firefighting Readiness in 2024

In 2024, the government is taking significant steps to enhance firefighting readiness. They are investing €11.2 million in aerial firefighting capabilities, acquiring two helicopters and four airplanes for fire suppression, strengthening the Forestry department’s resources and planning, promoting forest growth through “Planting for the Climate”, and emphasizing sustainability and education in forest management policies. These measures aim to improve efficiency, protect against wildfires, and ensure the longterm health of forests.

1 united democratic party (ubp)

UBP to Convene for Leadership Showdown in September 2024

The United Democratic Party (UBP) has scheduled its next leadership conference for September 2024, according to current leader and prime minister Unal Ustel. This decision comes amidst internal disputes within the party, with backbench MP Hasan Tacoy calling for an earlier conference date and engaging in discussions with prominent political figures.

rural areas cultural preservation

Ioannou: Government attaches great importance to promoting rural areas

The government’s strategy for revitalizing rural areas involves fostering development and growth through incentives to attract professionals and families, green growth initiatives, entrepreneurship encouragement, and local government reform. This multipronged approach aims to make rural communities desirable places to live and work, ensuring their cultural preservation and modernday viability.

1 health center reconstruction

Kythrea’s Health Center Reconstruction

The Kythrea health center is currently undergoing reconstruction after being deemed unsafe due to earthquake evaluations. A new stateoftheart health center with a budget of 18 million TL is being built to replace it, aiming to be completed within the next year, ensuring longterm health and sustainability for the community.

noise pollution yermasoyia

The Struggle Against Noise Pollution in Yermasoyia

The primary issue with noise pollution in Yermasoyia is the disruption caused by nightlife spots and ongoing construction, particularly Club Eleven, which operates loudly from 11:00pm to 5:00am. This constant noise affects residents’ sleep, health, work, and quality of life due to inadequate enforcement of noise control regulations. It’s time for the community to come together, take a stand, and reclaim the peaceful nights that Yermasoyia once had.

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