1 cyprus gaming jurisdiction

Cyprus gains momentum as a gaming jurisdiction: GDEV leads the way

Cyprus is gaining momentum as a gaming jurisdiction, with GDEV leading the way. The country’s talented workforce, innovative culture, and favorable business environment, including a low corporate tax rate of 2.5%, make it an attractive destination for game development and entrepreneurship. GDEV, formerly Nexters, has become a multinational corporation and the only Cypriot company listed on Nasdaq, with popular gaming franchises like “Hero Wars” and “Pixel Gun 3D.” Their success showcases Cyprus’s thriving tech and gaming scene, and their strategic milestones and acquisitions have solidified their position in the market. Despite challenges, GDEV remains resilient and looks to diversify and expand in the future, leveraging Cyprus’s business ecosystem and commitment to cuttingedge technologies.

fire engine incident emergency response

Fire Engine Incident Near Dikomo

A fire engine veered off the road and capsized into a ditch near Dikomo, with four firefighters being taken to the hospital for precautionary measures but discharged the same day without serious injuries. An investigation is ongoing to determine the cause of the incident and ensure the safety of emergency response operations.

pension regulations public officials

Re-evaluation of Pension Regulations for Public Officials in Cyprus

The proposed changes to Cyprus’ pension regulations for public officials include the introduction of a cutoff date for multiple pensions, suspension of pension payouts for retired individuals who take on another public role, and capping pensions to prevent excessive payouts. These reforms aim to address the issue of unfair accumulation of pension funds and ensure the sustainability of the public sector’s financial framework.

sustainable development ecological integrity

Urgent Call for Reassessment of Akamas Development Plans

The Cyprus Architects’ Association urgently calls for a reevaluation of construction projects in Akamas, advocating for sustainable development that preserves the area’s ecology. They recommend a unified, transparent plan involving experts to guide development while protecting the region’s natural biodiversity and preventing environmental impacts. The association’s concerns are supported by former scientific advisor Klitos Papastylianou, who warns of dire consequences if action is not taken to address the potential soil erosion and irreversible degradation of habitats. The construction activities in Akamas have been temporarily suspended to address these pressing issues.

security measures football match

Security Measures for the ARIS – APOEL Football Match

On November 25, 2023, the ARIS vs. APOEL football match will take place at the ALPHAMEGA Stadium in Limassol, Cyprus. To ensure safety, fans must arrive early, present fan ID and valid ticket, sit in assigned stands, and follow prohibited items and actions. Contact Limassol Police at 25805050 for assistance.

linguistic diversity language education

Linguistic Diversity Challenges in Trikomo Education

Linguistic diversity in Trikomo’s education system, particularly at Bekirpasha high school, presents challenges such as insufficient preparatory classes for nonTurkish speaking students and a lack of specialized staff. This affects educational standards and the effectiveness of teaching, prompting a need for government initiatives to support linguistic assimilation and ensure equal educational opportunities.

1 medical staff shortage

Impending Medical Staff Shortage in Cyprus

Cyprus is on the brink of a healthcare staffing crisis as a result of an aging workforce, with a study predicting a significant shortage of doctors and nurses in the next five years. The government is considering incentives to encourage expatriate professionals to return and address the impending crisis.

climate change sustainable tourism

Pragmatic Climate Change Strategies for Mediterranean Tourism

Kostas Koumis, the Cypriot Deputy Minister of Tourism, has called for practical climate change strategies to be integrated into Mediterranean tourism during the recent ‘Mediterranean Tourism Forum Minister’s Summit’ in Valletta, Malta. Koumis emphasized the need for digital transformation, extending the tourist season, and fostering collaboration among Mediterranean countries to manage the challenges of climate change and sustainable tourism.

direct democracy term limits

Akel’s Pivotal Moment: Embracing Modernity and Direct Democracy

Akel, Cyprus’s political party, is proposing significant changes to its constitution in an effort to modernize and democratize. These changes include direct election of the party leader, term limits for MPs and MEPs, a new endorsement strategy for presidential candidates, and revamped branding. Despite these changes, Akel’s core MarxistLeninist ideology remains unchanged.

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