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Vasilikos Energy and Industrial Area Welcomes New €16.7m Road Network

The new €16.7m road network in Vasilikos, Cyprus, offers significant benefits by facilitating the commute of heavy vehicles to strategic locations and enhancing transportation, energy, commercial growth, and public safety. It marks the fulfillment of relocating oil and gas storage from Larnaca’s coast and attracts major enterprises, contributing to economic growth. The project, initiated in January 2020 and completed in October, includes 9.3 kilometers of roadways, six roundabouts, a bridge, pedestrian sidewalks, and road lighting. It is a pivotal development for transportation, energy, and commerce, and it expands the Vasilikos Energy and Industrial Zone, attracting significant enterprises. Future developments include the construction of a perimeter fence, fire suppression system, and special security center, ensuring enhanced security and safety measures for Vasilikos. The project signifies the government’s commitment to improving the transportation framework and fostering the energy sector’s development.

hydrogen economy regional cooperation

Southeastern Mediterranean countries ‘can pioneer the hydrogen economy’

Southeastern Mediterranean countries, with their strategic location and abundant natural resources, have the potential to lead the way in adopting hydrogen as a clean energy source. Through regional cooperation and a strategic plan that includes energy production and infrastructure development, these countries aim to transition to renewable energy, reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and potentially export clean energy to Europe. With their commitment to sustainability and innovation, these countries are poised to become pioneers in the hydrogen economy, transforming the region into a hub of climateneutral, sustainable energy.

elderly abuse elder abuse cases

Elderly Abuse: A Growing Concern in Society

Elderly abuse is a growing concern in society, with a significant increase in incidents over the past decade. The abuse includes physical violence, neglect, economic exploitation, and emotional torment, and often goes unreported, especially when family members are the perpetrators. It is crucial to take action and raise awareness to protect the dignity and wellbeing of older adults.

1 altamira express

Discover Affordable Land in Cyprus with Altamira Express

Discover affordable land in Cyprus with Altamira Express. With over 500 plots available, prices range from €300 to €15,000, and the lands are ready for immediate development. Bidding events take place every Tuesday until December 19, 2023. Visit for more information.

hiv/aids cyprus

Reflecting on the Struggles and Advancements in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS in Cyprus

Despite advancements in treatment and diagnosis rates, individuals living with HIV/AIDS in Cyprus continue to face discrimination and a lack of quality of life. Calls for state action and policy reform have been made to protect the rights and dignity of patients, with the hope of eliminating stigma and prejudice surrounding the illness. The reconstitution of the National AIDS Committee and the involvement of the Health Ministry have brought about positive changes, but it is crucial for Cyprus to continue fostering initiatives and policies that support those affected by HIV/AIDS.

1 enhanced security measures

Enhanced Security Measures at Sports Events

Enhanced security measures at sports events include swift legal action against individuals causing public disorder, fines and stadium bans, thorough inspections prior to events, and a commitment to fostering a safe, familyfriendly sporting culture. The Nicosia district court recently took decisive action against three individuals who posed a threat to public safety by possessing explosives and carrying an offensive weapon near a sports venue. Fines were issued, stadium bans were enforced, and these measures reflect the authorities’ dedication to maintaining a secure environment for spectators and participants.

financial crime investigations cyprus

US Agencies Intensify Financial Crime Investigations in Cyprus

US agencies, including the FBI and FinCEN, are intensifying financial crime investigations in Cyprus, targeting money laundering, corruption, sanction evasion, and the safeguarding of Russian wealth. The investigation focuses on financial structures used by Russian oligarchs, and law firms, accounting firms, and the banking sector are under scrutiny.

tech talent attraction citizenship reform

Pioneering Progress: Cyprus Leads the Way in Tech Talent Attraction and Citizenship Reform

Cyprus is leading the way in attracting tech talent and reforming citizenship laws by offering citizenship to foreign nationals excelling in research and innovation. This amendment prioritizes intellectual contribution over capital and provides a fasttracked citizenship process, setting high eligibility standards, and promoting integration for a competitive edge in the global tech industry.

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