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Unearthing History: Ancient Tomb Discovered in Limassol

During routine groundwork for water supply improvements in Limassol’s Tziamouda region, an ancient tomb was unexpectedly discovered, leading to a halt in construction and the start of archaeological investigations to protect the historical site. The discovery adds to Limassol’s rich history, with previous findings of late Bronze Age tombs in the area, and has resulted in the rescheduling of planned water supply disruptions.

cyprus investment fund legislation economic competitiveness

Cyprus Investment Fund Legislation: A Game Changer for Economic Competitiveness

Cyprus’s new investment fund legislation is expected to increase the country’s appeal as an investment destination, enhance the legal framework for collective investments, create job opportunities, and position Cyprus as an international hub for investment, boosting its economic competitiveness. The legislation is seen as a leap forward for fund management and a crucial development in the legal framework, with the potential to drive growth and economic diversification. It is anticipated to have substantial economic benefits, fueling the domestic economy and establishing a sustainable growth model.

1 child welfare

First Lady meets with ‘Hope for Children’ leadership

The First Lady of Cyprus, Philippa KarseraChristodoulides, met with the leadership of “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Centre to discuss the organization’s comprehensive support for children in Cyprus. Through mental health services, handling of sexual abuse cases, foster family support, care for unaccompanied children, a 24hour helpline, and educational programs for schools, “Hope For Children” ensures a holistic approach to child welfare, with the First Lady expressing her unwavering support and commitment to improving the wellness and prospects of Cyprus’ children.

humanitarian corridor cyprus-gaza corridor

Progressing Toward a Humanitarian Corridor

Cyprus and Israel are collaborating to establish a maritime humanitarian corridor to deliver aid to Gaza amidst a dire humanitarian crisis. Despite challenges and uncertainties, both countries are actively working together to iron out the specifics of this significant initiative, with Cyprus leveraging its geographical proximity, infrastructure network, and strong regional connections to champion the corridor within the EU and the UN.

1 economic tenacity

Cyprus Demonstrates Economic Tenacity: EU Forecasts Optimism

The European Commission’s Autumn Forecasts project Cyprus as one of the top five Eurozone countries for highest growth rates from 2023 to 2025, attributing this to Cyprus’s fiscal discipline, labor market improvements, decrease in national debt, and ongoing reforms. The government’s dedication to bolstering the economy through measured and responsible actions, along with the rising interest in civic participation, further highlights Cyprus as a place of opportunities and progress.

child welfare mental health

First Lady and Hope For Children Discuss Cyprus Child Welfare Initiatives

The First Lady of Cyprus and Hope For Children CRC Policy Centre discussed various child welfare initiatives in their meeting, including enhancing mental health services, handling sexual abuse incidents, supporting foster families, and establishing a 24/7 helpline. The First Lady expressed her support for Hope For Children’s work and pledged to use her influential position to further the welfare of children in Cyprus.

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