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agriculture wildfires

New Initiatives Offer Hope to Farmers Affected by Wildfires

Farmers in the Limassol district affected by wildfires can access two support schemes: one covers 80% of repair costs for registered farmers with crop declarations, excluding certain infrastructures, and the other offers financial aid for environmental restoration for those ineligible for the first. These initiatives aim to provide muchneeded relief and support to farmers in the wake of significant losses caused by the recent wildfires.

buffer zone incursions

Buffer Zone Tranquility Following Alleged Incursions

The buffer zone around Ayios Dhometios is currently peaceful after alleged incursions by Turkish Cypriot forces. United Nations peacekeeping force in Cyprus (Unficyp) is closely monitoring the situation and engaging in discussions with Turkish Cypriot authorities to prevent tension escalation and maintain the status quo.

eu decision-making process veto power

House President Advocates for Retention of EU Member States’ Veto Power

The House President, Annita Demetriou, passionately advocates for the retention of EU member states’ veto power to maintain balance, protect smaller countries, and prevent a divided Europe. Demetriou’s concerns are especially relevant to Cyprus’s unique challenges, and the upcoming European Council meeting will address proposed legislative amendments that could potentially abolish the veto power.

1 humanitarian aid

Humanitarian Aid Bound for Gaza Through Cyprus Corridor

The Cyprus humanitarian corridor is set to deliver muchneeded aid to Gaza, with the first packages expected to arrive in the coming days. The strategic selection of the port of Larnaca and support from international partners, including Qatar, demonstrates a global commitment to easing the humanitarian crisis in the region.

infrastructure investments strike action

Paphos Fishermen Face Turmoil: Considering Strike Action

Paphos fishermen are considering strike action due to severe weather damaging their vessels and a lack of harbor infrastructure investments. They demand the construction of a new shelter for boats, a secure anchoring system, and a space to sell their catch directly, following the neglect of harbor safety upgrades to protect archaeological sites.

green party leadership election

Green Party Leadership: A Step Toward Unity or a Stumble Back?

The Green Party of Cyprus is currently facing challenges such as internal disputes, leadership changes, and a need for unity. Recent resignations have highlighted issues of disunity with the European Green movement and internal policy strife, reflecting a tension between maintaining the status quo and addressing political and environmental imperatives in a polarized landscape.

1 north cyprus

North Cyprus Population Numbers Announced by Leader

The Turkish Cypriot Leader Ersin Tatar has announced that the current official population of North Cyprus is 410,000. During his visit to the United Kingdom, Tatar disclosed the population numbers, providing transparency on the demographic statistics for the region and addressing concerns about military intentions.

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