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hiv/aids healthcare system

Seropositive Individuals: Overcoming Challenges in Cyprus

Seropositive individuals in Cyprus face challenges such as a lack of medical personnel, social stigma, and limited accessibility to antiretroviral treatment. Proposed solutions include hiring more specialists, reactivating a national committee for HIV prevention, establishing a national registry for HIV, revising laws, extending treatment duration to six months, providing treatment at local hospitals, protecting patient data, and improving infrastructure. AKEL recently visited the Gregorio Clinic and identified issues in staffing and education. Parliamentary oversight is seeking clarification on patient treatment and laws labeling HIV as a “dangerous infectious disease.” The Ministry of Health is considering extending antiretroviral treatment and improving accessibility to treatment.

bridal shop custom-made dresses

Meet the Fairy Godmother of North Cyprus Brides: Oya G├╝ryel

Meet Oya G├╝ryel, the Fairy Godmother of North Cyprus brides, and the owner of Gardenia Gelinlik & Moda Evi, a bridal shop in Kyrenia. Unlike most bridal stores, Gardenia creates custommade gowns instore for a perfect fit and a personal touch. Oya’s artistry and passion guide each bride in finding and creating their dream dress. Contact Oya G├╝ryel at 0392 816 0987 or 0533 8476 211, or by email at for your perfectly tailored wedding dress.

beauty salon personalized service

Miss Hair & Beauty Salon: A Premier Salon Experience in Nicosia

Get a premier salon experience with personalized service and European standards at Miss Hair & Beauty Salon in Nicosia. Led by Londontrained beauty therapist Sukran Paralik, the salon offers a wide range of treatments, including body therapies, facials, massages, professional makeup, and more, using highquality brands such as Dermalogica, BDR, Caci, MAC, and Essie products. Contact them via email or visit their Facebook page for more information.

yoga wellness

Yoga in North Cyprus: A Journey Towards Wellness

Get ready to embark on a journey towards wellness with Yoga Yama in North Cyprus! Founded by Sibel Sara├žo─člu, it offers various yoga classes, meditation workshops, life coaching, breathing techniques, and Pilates in bright, spacious rooms located in Kyrenia. Choose from larger classes or private lessons tailored to your preferences. Plus, with multiple yoga venues throughout Cyprus, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice this holistic exercise for the body and soul. yogaincyprus wellnessjourney yogayama

interior design luxury furnishings

Discover Sanel Kanli Design & Interiors: A Premier Showroom in Kyrenia

Discover Sanel Kanli Design & Interiors, the premier showroom in Kyrenia, Bellapais, offering luxury interior furnishings, lighting, and accessories. Handselected by the designer, Sanel Kanli, each piece is sourced from around the globe, ensuring flawless highquality products for home and commercial projects. Visit their showroom or Facebook page for a free onsite design consultation and create your dream home today. SanelKanliDesignInteriors LuxuryFurnishings InteriorDesign Kyrenia Bellapais

pharmacy community health

Esentepe’s Local Pharmacy: A Pillar of Community Health

Looking for a communityfocused pharmacy in Esentepe? Omrum’s Pharmacy is the place to go! With excellent customer service, expert advice, and a wide range of products, Omrum ensures that her customers receive the best possible care. Located on the main road and open every day except Sundays, her pharmacy offers alternative therapies and caters to both body and soul. Contact Omrum’s Pharmacy at 0533 8251125.

north cyprus affordable healthcare services

Affordable Medical Testing in North Cyprus

Discover the affordable healthcare services available in North Cyprus with the Vedat ├ľz├╝nl├╝ Laboratory. This familyowned, private medical laboratory has been providing comprehensive clinical diagnostic services since 1980, including genetic tests, hematology, DNA tests, and pet services. With quick test results, excellent communication, and expert interpretation of findings, they aim to provide highquality healthcare services in a convenient and efficient manner. Contact them at or call 0392 227 51 70 to learn more.

pet care veterinary clinic

A Comprehensive Guide to Pet Care in North Cyprus: The Pet Kingdom

Looking for topnotch pet care services in North Cyprus? Look no further than Pet Kingdom in Ozank├Ây! Owned and run by experienced veterinarian Hekim Selim ├ľzhuy, the clinic offers a wide range of services, including general checkups, specialized medical procedures, dental care, and eye care, backed by advanced technology. Plus, Selim is passionate about promoting animal welfare and offers free services for stray cats and dogs. Follow his Facebook page for seasonal tips and advice, and don’t forget to use the code “1001” for a 10% discount on pet accessories!

luxury bathroom design personalized service

Cahit Necipo─člu: Luxury Bathroom Design and More

Cahit Necipo─člu has been a trusted name in luxury bathroom design for over 30 years, providing topquality bathroom furniture, accessories, tiles, and construction services in North Cyprus. Their commitment to quality and customer service has made them the leading bathroom supplier in the region. Stay uptodate with the latest trends and turn your bathroom into a dream space with Cahit Necipo─člu!

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