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Exclusive Services at Nicosia General’s Transplant Clinic

Nicosia General’s Transplant Clinic in Cyprus offers exclusive lifesaving kidney and pancreas transplants, including for incompatible blood groups, using advanced plasmapheresis. The clinic provides comprehensive care, general surgeries, and minimally invasive procedures for living donors, supporting over 500 patients annually with a dedicated team and a commitment to excellence and international collaboration.

patient rights medical records

Understanding Patient Rights: Access to Medical Records in Cyprus

In Cyprus, patients have the right to access and examine their medical records under Article 17, free of charge for the first copy as per GDPR. This includes viewing or obtaining a copy and the ability to correct information. Rights include nondiscriminatory healthcare access, confidentiality, and understanding personal medical data.

diabetes prevalence public awareness

Diabetes Prevalence in Cyprus: A Growing Concern

Diabetes affects 12.7% of Cyprus’s population, exceeding the global average of 10.5%. The Cypriot government is enhancing public awareness, revising national strategies for prevention and treatment, and improving services through EUfunded projects. Upgrades to diabetic clinics and advancements in care technology are key measures being implemented.

unnecessary surgeries gesy

Unnecessary Surgeries under Gesy: A Closer Look

The concern about unnecessary surgeries under the Gesy healthcare system has prompted the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) to increase monitoring and surveillance activities. With over 90,000 surgeries recorded in Gesy, questions have arisen about the medical necessity of these procedures. The issue of unnecessary surgeries, particularly in gynecology, has highlighted the need for vigilance and scrutiny within the healthcare system. The patients’ association encourages individuals to report any incidents or suspected abuses, while also advising patients to strike a balance between trust in medical professionals and staying informed about their health.

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The Kolan Hospital Group: A Beacon of Medical Excellence in Turkey and North Cyprus

🏥 The Kolan Hospital Group: A Beacon of Medical Excellence in Turkey and North Cyprus Established in 1997, the Kolan Hospital Group is a symbol of trust and quality healthcare in Turkey. With nine hospitals under its banner, the group provides topnotch medical care, excelling in surgical procedures, IVF treatments, and dental services. Their multipurpose facility in Nicosia, North Cyprus, houses specialists in various medical fields, offering personalized service and cuttingedge healthcare. Check out their website or contact them for more information on their range of services. 🌟

hiv/aids healthcare system

Seropositive Individuals: Overcoming Challenges in Cyprus

Seropositive individuals in Cyprus face challenges such as a lack of medical personnel, social stigma, and limited accessibility to antiretroviral treatment. Proposed solutions include hiring more specialists, reactivating a national committee for HIV prevention, establishing a national registry for HIV, revising laws, extending treatment duration to six months, providing treatment at local hospitals, protecting patient data, and improving infrastructure. AKEL recently visited the Gregorio Clinic and identified issues in staffing and education. Parliamentary oversight is seeking clarification on patient treatment and laws labeling HIV as a “dangerous infectious disease.” The Ministry of Health is considering extending antiretroviral treatment and improving accessibility to treatment.

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Meet the Fairy Godmother of North Cyprus Brides: Oya Güryel

Meet Oya Güryel, the Fairy Godmother of North Cyprus brides, and the owner of Gardenia Gelinlik & Moda Evi, a bridal shop in Kyrenia. Unlike most bridal stores, Gardenia creates custommade gowns instore for a perfect fit and a personal touch. Oya’s artistry and passion guide each bride in finding and creating their dream dress. Contact Oya Güryel at 0392 816 0987 or 0533 8476 211, or by email at for your perfectly tailored wedding dress.

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