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Windcraft Music Fest: A Decade of Harmonies in Katydata

The Windcraft Music Fest in Katydata, Cyprus, is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a vibrant lineup of jazz, folk, techno brass, and more. The festival offers a unique experience with workshops, concerts, and impromptu music jams focused on wind instruments, creating a cultural nexus for music aficionados of all ages.

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A Guide to July’s Biggest Festivals

July in Cyprus comes alive with vibrant festivals like the Afrobanana Festival in Lefkara village and the Loud Music Festival in Limassol, showcasing diverse music and art. Indulge in Cypriot delicacies at the Halloumi Festival in Drousia, and immerse yourself in the sights and scents of summer at events like the Platres Lavender Festival and the Protaras Summer Film Festival by the sea.

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A Celebration of Tragedy and Comedy Under the Stars

The International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama in Cyprus brings classical Greek plays like “Orestes” and “Plutus” to life under the stars, engaging audiences with the rich tradition of ancient theater through Greek and English surtitles. Experience the dramatic tale of Orestes as he seeks vengeance amidst betrayal and moral ambiguity, followed by comedic relief in Aristophanes’ “Plutus.” With tickets at €12, this festival honors the enduring legacy of Greek drama, offering a timeless experience that transcends boundaries of language and time.

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Music under the stars at Minthis

Experience a celestial symphony in Paphos at the Minthis Amphitheatre with violinist Niklas Liepe, pianist Nils Liepe, cellist Raphaela Gromes, and pianist Julian Riem. Prepare for an enchanting evening under the stars, indulging in captivating classical and modern melodies amidst panoramic views.

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A Weekend Brimming with Culture and Festivities

This July weekend in Cyprus is set to be a vibrant mix of cultural events: from the pulsating beats of the Loud Music Festival in Limassol to the global sounds of the AfroBanana Festival in Pano Lefkara, and the tranquil Lavender Festival in Platres village. Dive into the artistic world with a Printmaking Workshop in Fini village and end the weekend with laughter under the stars at the GoetheInstitut’s free screening of “Toni Erdmann.”

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200 Guitars Set to Perform at Nicosia Theatre

The Cyprus Guitar Orchestra, comprising 200 guitarists, will grace the stage of the Nicosia Municipal Theatre on July 3rd at 8:30 pm. This unprecedented musical event pays homage to Greek and Cypriot musical heritage, featuring works by renowned composers and showcasing local talent in what promises to be a captivating auditory experience.

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A Journey into Contemporary Art

“Beyond Boundaries: A Journey into Contemporary Art” at 125 Space in Limassol showcases a mix of iconic artists like Damien Hirst and emerging talents. Curated with Maddox Gallery, this event invites visitors to explore the avantgarde world of art through an immersive experience.

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Nicosia Welcomes New Festival

Nicosia, Cyprus is buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming Antama Festival on September 28th. This new cultural event will showcase traditional Greek and Cypriot heritage through music, dance, cuisine, and crafts, uniting communities and celebrating the rich cultural tapestry of the region.

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A Summer of Cultural Melodies at Axiothea Mansion

The 27th Cultural Festival at Axiothea Mansion in Nicosia features a diverse lineup, including the “European Winds II” concert, a collaboration between Machiko Ozawa and Rami Sarieddine, a modern adaptation of Greek shadow theatre, and a satirical play “Fiakas” by ETHAL. This summer promises a vibrant blend of music, theater, and cultural heritage under the warm Mediterranean sky.

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