March 2024

faith scandal

A Call for Steadfast Faith Amid Monastic Scandals

Bishop Isaias calls for unwavering faith amidst the turmoil at the Osiou Avakoum monastery in Fterikoudes, Nicosia. Despite scandals, he urges the faithful to maintain perspective, uphold faith, and support those in anguish, emphasizing the enduring strength of the church guided by Christ.

weather safety measures

Weather Alert: Precautions for Green Monday

Residents and visitors on Green Monday should prepare for intermittent showers and possible isolated storms as a yellow weather warning has been issued. Stay updated on weather developments, dress in layers, and have contingency plans for outdoor activities to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday experience.

solar power competitive bidding

Harnessing Cyprus’ Solar Potential: A Green Future Awaits

Cyprus is working to harness its abundant sunlight for renewable energy and green hydrogen production through competitive bidding, ‘Energy Communities,’ and boosting power generation to lower electricity costs. Initiatives like the Vasilikos LNG project and a strategic plan for hydrogen are key steps toward a greener future, while immediate measures focus on energy relief and sustainability.

eu-egypt partnership economic stability

Strengthening Ties: EU Commits to Strategic Partnership with Egypt

The EUEgypt strategic partnership agreement, sealed at a landmark summit in Cyprus, aims to bolster collaboration in renewable energy, trade, and security while offering a €7.4 billion financial lifeline to Egypt’s economy. This pivotal alliance not only seeks to fortify regional stability and manage migration but also aims to strengthen ties in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East, ushering in a new era of cooperation and shared prosperity.

maronite cypriots sanna language

The Cypriot Village with Its Own Unique Language: Kormakitis

Kormakitis, the Cypriot village known for its Maronite heritage and use of the rare Sanna language, stands out for its rich cultural tapestry and commitment to preserving linguistic traditions. From its historical Catholic church architecture to the village’s vibrant community spirit, Kormakitis offers a glimpse into a unique world untouched by the island’s usual political divides.

film festival ai in filmmaking

Cyprus Film Days 2024: A Celebration of Cinematic Creativity

Cyprus Film Days 2024 promises a dynamic showcase of films, workshops, and masterclasses at the Rialto Theatre in Limassol and Zena Palace in Nicosia. Noteworthy events include an AI in filmmaking session and a body language storytelling masterclass, catering to industry professionals, film enthusiasts, and aspiring filmmakers of all ages.

emergency response hospitalization and treatment

Gas Leak Incident in Larnaca Residential Area

The explosion in Larnaca’s Ayios Anayiros area was caused by a gas leak from a household heater, resulting in shattered windows and ignited furniture. One individual sustained light burns but is recovering. Emergency services responded quickly, highlighting the importance of regular maintenance and safety checks on household utilities to prevent such incidents.

humanitarian aid gaza

Preparations continue to dispatch second aid ship to Gaza

The World Central Kitchen team at Larnaca port is ready to dispatch the second aid ship, Jennifer, carrying 500 tonnes of aid to Gaza. Equipped with a crane for efficient unloading, this mission follows the successful voyage of the first ship, Open Arms, highlighting global solidarity and support for those in need.

privacy concerns legal issues

Privacy Concerns Arise Over Illicitly Shared Monastery CCTV Footage

The leaked CCTV footage from Osiou Avakoum monastery has sparked privacy and legal concerns over unauthorized release and potential legal infringement, raising questions about surveillance laws and the intrusive nature of audio recording. Data Protection Commissioner Irene Loizidou Nicolaidou emphasized the need to balance security with privacy rights, highlighting the legal ramifications of distributing such footage online.

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