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Uncontrolled Blaze Threatens Miliou, Paphos

A wildfire in Miliou, Paphos has prompted an urgent response with five fire trucks and two forestry department trucks on the scene, along with a fleet of five aircraft battling the flames from above. Safety measures are in place, with efforts focused on controlling the blaze and protecting nearby residential areas.

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Fire in Avdimou: A Rapid Response

The wildfire in Avdimou was met with a swift response, as two local service trucks and one from nearby British bases, along with four aircraft, came together to protect the village, local livestock farms, and the ecosystem. This coordinated effort showcased the community’s resilience and the importance of preparedness in the face of wildfires, serving as a reminder of the delicate balance between nature and human activity in the picturesque landscapes of the Limassol district.

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Swift Response to Limassol Wildfire

A swift response to the Limassol wildfire involved five aircraft and seven fire trucks working together to combat the flames in the Alassa area. Community vigilance and adherence to fire safety regulations played a crucial role in preventing further damage in the region.

wildfire aftermath emergency aid

Government Response to Wildfire Aftermath

The government is offering financial aid to communities affected by recent wildfires, to support the repair of homes, vehicles, and buildings in various villages. Applications for relief must be filed by June 26 with local district offices, emphasizing the importance of community solidarity and government support in times of crisis.

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