turkish republic of northern cyprus (trnc)

turkish republic of northern cyprus (trnc) ersin tatar

Celebrations begin in north over ‘TRNC’ anniversary

Celebrations have begun in the north of Cyprus to mark the 40year anniversary of the unilateral declaration of the ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)’. Leader Ersin Tatar highlighted the TRNC’s growth and aspirations for international recognition, while Turkey’s President Erdoğan supported their cause.

turkish republic of northern cyprus (trnc) political stalemate

Cyprus Must Take Some Blame for 40 Years of a Rogue State

Cyprus must shoulder some blame for the 40year endurance of the unrecognized ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ (‘TRNC’). Despite international nonrecognition and diplomatic efforts for unification, rejected settlement opportunities have allowed the ‘TRNC’ to thrive economically and solidify as a rogue state, with Turkish support and investments shaping the region.

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