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Ersin Tatar Speaks Out on Cyprus’ Response to the OTS Summit Involvement

Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar strongly advocates for the recognition and equality of Turkish Cypriots in international affairs, criticizing opposition from the Republic of Cyprus and the EU to their participation in the OTS summit. Tatar emphasizes the need for Turkish Cypriots to be seen as sovereign and equal partners in future agreements, showcasing a determined stance amidst ongoing diplomatic tensions in the region.

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More than 100,000 Turkish Cypriots can vote in EU elections

Over 100,000 Turkish Cypriots have the right to vote in the upcoming 2024 EU parliamentary elections, with an increase in registered voters compared to the previous election. Despite this, past turnout has been low, with only 5,804 Turkish Cypriots casting their vote, making the upcoming elections a pivotal moment to gauge their political engagement in the EU.

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Over 100,000 Turkish Cypriots Set to Vote in Upcoming EU Elections

Over 100,000 Turkish Cypriots have registered to vote in the upcoming European Parliament elections, showing a significant increase in political engagement within the community. This number nearly matches half of those who registered for the previous local elections, indicating a growing interest in European affairs and democratic participation.

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Diplomatic Tensions Rise Over Cyprus Unification Talks

The dispute between Turkish Cypriot leaders Ersin Tatar and Mustafa Akinci in Cyprus unification talks centers on their differing views on the island’s political future – one advocating for a twostate solution and the other for reunification under a federal system. The tensions highlight the longstanding complexities of the Cyprus problem, with regional and international implications for sovereignty, stability, and power dynamics.

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