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Enhancing Road Safety: Focus on Impaired Driving

The Police campaign starting June 17, 2024, targets impaired driving to reduce traffic collisions caused by alcohol or drugs. It involves heightened awareness, nationwide traffic checks, and enforcement to improve road safety. The initiative is part of a collaborative effort with ROADPOL, aimed at curbing impaired drivingrelated accidents.

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Escalation in Vandalism Against Mobile Traffic Units

The escalation in vandalism against mobile traffic units has sparked concern, with recent incidents including a Molotov cocktail attack near Limassol and shootings in Xylofagou and Larnaca. Despite their role in road safety, these acts reflect public resentment towards invasive surveillance, prompting thorough investigations by law enforcement agencies.

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Paphos Traffic Violations: A Comprehensive Look at the Recent Crackdown

🚓🚨 Recent traffic crackdown in Paphos resulted in 117 violations, including 20 cases of driving under the influence and 46 cases of excessive speeding. The operation highlights the need for traffic enforcement to ensure road safety and prevent accidents. Let’s all follow traffic laws and keep our roads safe! PaphosTrafficViolations RoadSafety TrafficEnforcement 🚦🚗👮‍♀️

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