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Unions Dismiss Proposal, Urge Builders to Strike

Summary: Trade unions in the construction sector have dismissed a government proposal that fails to address low wages, with 40% of workers earning below €1,200 per month, prompting discussions of a potential strike to demand fair compensation. The looming strike serves as a powerful statement of unity and determination among the workers, who are collectively standing up for their livelihood and pushing for urgent change in the face of unmet demands.

safety trade unions

Unions Demand Protection for Bus Drivers

Unions in Cyprus are demanding immediate actions to protect bus drivers, following a series of violent incidents. They are calling for collaboration between ministries, transport companies, and unions to ensure the safety and dignity of drivers in the face of escalating concerns.

labour day trade unions

Celebrating Labour Day in Cyprus

Cyprus celebrates Labour Day with vibrant festivities organized by major trade unions Sek and Peo, including unity marches, speeches by leaders, and celebrations emphasizing solidarity between Greek and Turkish Cypriot unions. The day’s events are a powerful reminder of workers’ contributions and the importance of unity in society.

trade unions cost of living allowance (ata)

The Federation of Independent Trade Unions’ Demands

📣 The Federation of Independent Trade Unions’ Demands 📣 📢 The Federation of Independent Trade Unions (POASO) is demanding the full payment of the Cost of Living Allowance (ATA) and an increase in benefits. They believe that the consumption and retail sectors are making excessive profits while average consumers and wageearners struggle.

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