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State Budget Passed with Comfortable Majority

The 2024 state budget was passed with a majority, highlighting fiscal responsibility and economic growth under President Nikos Christodoulides. Key measures include a projected fiscal surplus of 2.2% of GDP, support for vulnerable groups and healthcare, educational system upgrades, energy cost strategies, management of migration, and a 5% cut in operational expenses to protect essential services.

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State Budget Accommodates Surging Civil Service Positions

The state budget for 2024 has allocated a significant increase in civil service positions, with 732 new permanent posts, predominantly in education, to meet growing demands and prevent staff shortages. This includes 604 new roles in the Ministry of Education across various levels, and additional positions in administrative functions, all while balancing fiscal responsibility and investing in social programs.

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€10,000 Increase for President and €6,000 Increase for Ministers and Deputy Ministers

Cyprus government officials are set to receive salary increases totaling over €1.5 million in the 2024 state budget. The President’s salary will increase by €10,000, while ministers and deputy ministers will get a €6,000 increase. Other officials, such as the Attorney General and Supreme Court judges, will receive increases ranging from €4,030 to €8,150. Thousands of employees with low wages will be affected.

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