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Explosion Building’s Unauthorized Conversion Revealed

The unauthorized conversion of a building in Engomi led to an explosion due to a gas leak, unveiling the creation of six studio apartments without permits, raising concerns about safety regulations. Engomi authorities are now investigating construction code adherence to avert potential tragedies in the future.

stadium entry ticket sales

A Comprehensive Guide for AEL – APOLLON Match Attendance

The upcoming football match between AEL and APOLLON at ALPHAMEGA Stadium is set to be an exciting event for fans. To ensure a seamless experience, fans should arrive 30 minutes before kickoff, undergo security checks, and present a valid fan card and ticket. AEL fans will access Central, East, and South Stands, while APOLLON fans will access the North Stand. Fans should follow transportation and parking instructions and adhere to safety regulations. Cooperation with traffic management and police is crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience.

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Understanding Road Cargo Transportation: Key Considerations

Transporting cargo by road requires strict adherence to safety regulations and vehicle specifications. Compliance with legal restrictions on cargo size and proper securing of cargo are essential to ensure the safety of both the cargo and other road users. Regular roadside checks by authorities and awareness of recent violation statistics and incidents reinforce the importance of following laws and promoting safe road cargo transportation.

workplace safety safety regulations

Enhanced Workplace Safety Measures: A Priority for Businesses

A recent case in Nicosia district court saw an employer at Harco Trading Ltd fined €2,000 and receiving a suspended fourmonth prison term for three years due to workplace safety breaches that resulted in the fatal injury of an employee. This incident serves as a reminder that businesses must prioritize safety measures and adhere to regulations to protect their employees and maintain their integrity.

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