aviation history restoration

A New Life for a Historic Olympic Airways Boeing 727

The restored Olympic Airways Boeing 727, “Mount Olympus,” serves as a tribute to Greece’s aviation legacy and the golden era of air travel. Renovated by Andreas Christodoulides, the aircraft now resides at the former Athens’ Ellinikon airport, symbolizing freedom, luxury, and technological innovation.

history restoration

Restoration of historical aqueduct complete

The restoration of the historical Arif Bey aqueduct in Afania is a significant milestone, preserving the island’s legacy of water management and agricultural ingenuity. This project not only protects the aqueduct from weathering but also serves as a cultural beacon and educational resource for history and engineering enthusiasts.

cultural heritage restoration

UN Hails Lefkara Mosque Restoration

The restoration of the Hamidiye mosque in Lefkara, Cyprus, symbolizes peace and unity between Greek and Turkish Cypriots, supported by the UN and the EU. This project highlights the importance of preserving cultural heritage as a means to foster understanding and cooperation, paving the way for a harmonious future on the island.

cultural heritage restoration

Renovation of Venetian Watermill Completed

The restoration of the Venetian watermill in Lefka showcases the community’s dedication to preserving cultural heritage, respecting its historical significance. With support from the EU and UNDP, the watermill and aqueduct now stand as monuments to past ingenuity and a shared commitment to safeguard Cyprus’s rich history.

environment protest

Protesters Demand Tree Restoration After Mass Clearout

Protesters in Limassol demand immediate restoration of over 50 trees in Dasoudi, threatening further protests if demands are not met within two weeks. Mayor Xydias criticizes forestry department for excessive clearout, highlighting the importance of urban green spaces for wildlife and community wellbeing.

cultural preservation restoration

Historic bastion in Famagusta fully restored

The restoration of the Arsenal/Canbulat Bastion in Famagusta is a significant cultural achievement, funded by the European Union and executed by the UNDP. This project not only preserves Famagusta’s historical tapestry but also promotes community reunification and dialogue, reflecting a collective commitment to Cyprus’s rich cultural legacy.

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