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EAC’s Strategic Move to Lower Energy Costs

The Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) is making bold moves to slash energy costs by adopting green practices and investing heavily in renewables. Key initiatives include €148 million for green energy incentives, power plant upgrades, and solar panel installations on schools, all aimed at promoting sustainability and education.

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Europe’s Energy Integration: The Great Sea Interconnector

The Great Sea Interconnector (GSI) is a key energy project connecting Cyprus and Crete, ending Cyprus’s electricity isolation. It plays a crucial role in balancing supply and demand, stabilizing electricity prices, and ensuring Europe reaches its 45% renewable energy target by 2030, enhancing energy security and economic efficiency.

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Managing the Surge in Energy Demand

During a recent heatwave, Cyprus managed a surge in energy demand by relying on renewable sources. Photovoltaic systems delivered 500MW and wind energy added 10MW, accounting for 48% of peak electricity, ensuring a stable supply during extreme weather and showcasing the country’s commitment to sustainable energy practices.

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Energizing Cyprus: A Transition to Greener Power

Cyprus is energizing its future with a bold transition to renewable power, led by Energy Minister George Papanastasiou. Through strategic pillars like an LNG import terminal, optimized use of photovoltaics, and an innovative battery storage system, Cyprus is paving the way towards a greener and more sustainable energy landscape. The nation’s plans to interconnect its grid with Greece and invest in smarter, more efficient infrastructure are poised to revolutionize its energy sector, setting the stage for a more resilient and environmentally conscious future.

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‘Electricity Authority Failing to Consider Consumer Costs’

The delayed upgrades at the Dhekelia power station are raising concerns over rising consumer electricity costs and potential further price hikes. The aging infrastructure surpassing its life expectancy is adding financial burdens on consumers, with projected increases in electricity cuts if the upgrades continue to be postponed.

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Cyprus’ Ambitious Green Transition Plans

Cyprus is set to invest over €3 billion into sustainable projects by 2030, aligning with EU climate directives and targeting climate neutrality by 2050. Initiatives will focus on renewable energy, smart mobility, and job creation to meet ‘fit for 55’ emissions reduction goals and the European Green Deal.

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Innovative Renewable Energy Initiatives in the Legislative Spotlight

The House energy committee has introduced forwardthinking legislative proposals to boost renewable energy adoption, including exemptions for RES installations from connection and usage fees for ten years, subsidies for indirect energy storage solutions like hydrogen, and support for farmers using photovoltaic systems for irrigation. These initiatives aim to accelerate the transition to renewable energy, address funding challenges, and empower sectors like agriculture to embrace sustainable practices, marking a significant step towards a greener, more innovative future.

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Cyprus’ Carbon Dilemma: High Emissions Per Capita

Cyprus faces a daunting challenge with its high carbon emissions per capita, ranking second in the EU with 3.1 tonnes released annually. This highlights the urgent need for the island to shift towards sustainable energy sources to combat climate change and protect its delicate ecosystems.

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