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Striking a Balance: New CCTV Guidelines in Gyms for Enhanced Privacy

The new CCTV guidelines for gyms set clear boundaries, allowing cameras at entry points but prohibiting them in sensitive areas like workout zones, restrooms, and changing rooms. Striking a balance between security and privacy, the rules also ban audio recording, restrict access to footage, and prohibit remote monitoring to safeguard individual rights and freedoms.

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Enhanced Privacy Measures at Bank of Cyprus

In a bid to bolster privacy measures and align with GDPR regulations, the Bank of Cyprus has revamped its privacy statement. This move ensures enhanced data security, clear data processing information, and accessible privacy statements online and in branches, showcasing the bank’s commitment to transparency and accountability in data handling.

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Privacy Breach in Social Media Sparks Outrage

A privacy breach on social media involving kindergarteners sparks outrage, violating GDPR regulations and raising concerns about data protection for children. The incident highlights the necessity of responsible social media use and stringent data protection measures to safeguard children’s privacy rights.

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Privacy Invasion at Larnaca Beach: Unlawful Recording Incident

In Larnaca Beach, a man was caught illegally recording beachgoers, prompting police action and raising concerns about privacy invasion in public spaces. Activities like unauthorized recording, especially when targeting unsuspecting individuals, are illegal and breach ethical boundaries, even in public areas where general photography is typically permitted.

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