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Tragic Transfusion Error Leads to Woman’s Death

Ayla Dalgalan, a 56yearold woman, tragically lost her life due to a blood transfusion error at the Thalassaemia Centre in Dr Burhan Nalbantoglu hospital in northern Nicosia. This incident highlighted systemic failures in public healthcare, sparking calls for reform and accountability to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

healthcare patient rights

Daring Reforms Announced for Cyprus’ Health Sector

President Nikos Christodoulides recently announced significant reforms in Cyprus’ health sector aimed at enhancing healthcare quality and adhering to the European patients’ rights charter. Key initiatives include creating a health ombudsman to advocate for patient rights and continuously improving Gesy, the national health system, to provide a patientcentered healthcare experience. These reforms mark a bold step towards ensuring that individuals seeking medical care in Cyprus receive the dignity, respect, and quality services they deserve.

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Advocating for Patient Rights in Cyprus

OSAK advocates for comprehensive patient rights in Cyprus, emphasizing the need for information, participation in healthcare decisions, and access to quality services. Their commitment on European Patients’ Rights Day highlights the ongoing struggle for these fundamental rights, with the hope of shaping a healthcare system that truly serves its patients.

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Ethical Dilemmas in Medical Procedures: The Makarios Hospital Case

The Makarios Hospital case highlights ethical dilemmas surrounding abortion procedures, as anaesthesiologists express reluctance despite specific conditions allowing terminations in cases of abuse, abnormalities, or lifethreatening risks to women. The incident has sparked concerns about staff accountability, patient rights, and the intersection of personal beliefs with medical ethics at the institution.

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Understanding Patient Rights: Access to Medical Records in Cyprus

In Cyprus, patients have the right to access and examine their medical records under Article 17, free of charge for the first copy as per GDPR. This includes viewing or obtaining a copy and the ability to correct information. Rights include nondiscriminatory healthcare access, confidentiality, and understanding personal medical data.

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