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Stranded Migrants Grapple with Despair in No Man’s Land

Asylum seekers in the UN buffer zone near the University of Cyprus endure stifling humidity, makeshift facilities, and emotional turmoil, their plea for dignity and access to asylum procedures contrasting with their current state of despair and unfulfilled dreams. Living in a harsh limbo, these individuals face daily challenges and an uncertain future, trapped between impossibility and rejection while holding onto fading hopes of a life lived with dignity.

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Addressing the Rise of Eating Disorders in Cyprus

Cyprus is taking proactive steps to combat the rise of eating disorders by planning two dedicated centres integrated into the national health scheme, Gesy. A national strategy is set to be finalized by early 2025, with a budget of €1 million allocated for a second facility, addressing the urgent need for effective measures in supporting individuals battling these complex mental health conditions.

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Patient Allegedly Beaten at Athalassa Hospital

A patient in his thirties at Athalassa psychiatric hospital was allegedly assaulted by staff, prompting a police investigation after his mother reported bruises. The incident highlights the importance of strict patient safety measures and accountability in healthcare settings.

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Kyriakides Emphasizes ‘My Health, My Right’ Principle on World Health Day

On World Health Day, Commissioner Stella Kyriakides highlighted the European Health Union’s commitment to the principle “my health, my right,” emphasizing equitable access to vaccines, comprehensive cancer plans, and mental health equality. The EU’s collective responses, including the EU Vaccine Strategy and Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, showcase its dedication to patientcentric care and health rights for all citizens.

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March 6: The International Day Against Bullying

The International Day Against Bullying on March 6 sheds light on the pervasive issue of bullying, with organizations like Hope for Children CRC Policy Center in Cyprus leading efforts to combat this harmful behavior. Bullying takes various forms, including physical, verbal, emotional, and cyberbullying, each with devastating effects on victims’ mental health and wellbeing. Hope for Children’s proactive initiatives aim to empower students and create inclusive school communities to prevent bullying and support those affected.

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Cyprus Health Expenditure Trails Behind EU Average

Cyprus’s healthcare spending falls short of the EU average, with the country investing 9.4 percent of its GDP on healthcare, or €2,686 per person, compared to the EU average of 11.0 percent or €4,028 per capita. The allocation of resources in areas like prevention and longterm care remains significantly lower than average, indicating potential gaps in the healthcare system.

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National Mental Health Strategy: A Commitment to Well-being

Health Minister Popi Kanari has announced the development of a comprehensive national mental health strategy for Cyprus, supported by WHO and regional collaboration, alongside infrastructure upgrades and expanded support for patients, reflecting a commitment to prioritizing mental wellbeing as a critical aspect of public health. The strategy will be informed by expert advisors from WHO and will align closely with the specific needs and situation of Cyprus.

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WHO Collaboration with Cyprus on Mental Health Strategy

Cyprus is collaborating with the World Health Organization (WHO) to develop a comprehensive national mental health strategy, focusing on strengthening policies and suicide prevention. The WHO’s expertise and support are crucial in shaping Cyprus’s mental health landscape and ensuring the strategy is tailored to the country’s specific needs.

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First Lady and Hope For Children Discuss Cyprus Child Welfare Initiatives

The First Lady of Cyprus and Hope For Children CRC Policy Centre discussed various child welfare initiatives in their meeting, including enhancing mental health services, handling sexual abuse incidents, supporting foster families, and establishing a 24/7 helpline. The First Lady expressed her support for Hope For Children’s work and pledged to use her influential position to further the welfare of children in Cyprus.

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