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environmental protection conservation efforts

Environmental Protection Prevails in Cape Greco Monastery Decision

The construction of a new monastery on Cape Greco was rejected due to its location within the environmentally protected Natura 2000 network, highlighting the importance of preserving biodiversityrich habitats. The Famagusta Constantia bishopric’s appeal was denied by the interior ministry, emphasizing the priority of conservation efforts over development projects in the region.

workplace safety financial crisis

Frozen Accounts at Cyprus Broadcasting Cooperation

Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation’s (CyBC) accounts have been frozen due to a legal decree from a compensation claim by former employee Evdokia Loizou, awarded €1.3 million for encephalitis linked to workplace conditions. This financial standstill has led to operational disruptions and a reevaluation of workplace health regulations at CyBC.

electricity authority forestry department

Electricity Authority in the Spotlight for Summer Wildfires

The Forestry Department of Cyprus has accused the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) of being responsible for the summer wildfires in Paphos forest and Palaichori area due to inadequate maintenance and the use of outdated uninsulated wires. The director of the Forestry Department plans to take legal action, emphasizing the need to treat these incidents as criminal cases and highlighting the dangers posed by the EAC’s practices.

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