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Public Outcry Over Doctor’s Return to Practice

The controversy surrounding a doctor’s return to practice in Cyprus after being convicted of indecent assault against a patient has sparked calls for legislative reforms and stricter medical conduct regulations to uphold patient safety and trust in healthcare. Health Minister Michalis Damianokos is in discussions with the Cyprus Medical Association to address the need for updates in the existing protocols governing medical professionals’ behavior.

medicine defence

€351.3m Supplementary Budget for Meds, Defence, and Water

The government announced a €351.3 million supplementary budget to address urgent needs in healthcare, social security, and water supply, with funds allocated for medicine, social insurance, and desalination. Additionally, the budget supports defence, education, and social measures, including aid for special needs students, temporary teacher hires, and agriculture, highlighting proactive governance and economic health.

medicine illegal operations

Alert on Illegal Hair Transplant Operations

Illegal hair transplant operations in Northern Cyprus have raised serious health concerns, with unauthorized clinics offering risky procedures by untrained individuals. A recent crackdown by authorities revealed the dangers of such practices, emphasizing the importance of seeking treatments from licensed professionals to ensure patient safety.

medicine flood

Unprecedented Flood Leads to Medicine Destruction in Nicosia

The Medicine Storage at the Health Ministry in Nicosia faced extensive damage due to a devastating flood caused by severe weather conditions. Thousands of medicine packages were destroyed, prompting an urgent assessment to prevent potential shortages for patients, as an ad hoc committee works to evaluate the situation and prevent a health crisis.

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