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Heatwave Prompts School Closures in Cyprus

A severe heatwave forces Cyprus to close primary schools early on June 14, with temperatures reaching 41°C. Parents are advised to collect their children at 10:45 am due to safety concerns, as outdoor activities are limited and hydration measures are emphasized to combat the extreme heat.

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Sunny and Heating Up

The rising temperatures bring scorching weather to inland areas, with highs of 39C expected on Tuesday. Coastal regions offer slight relief at 3133C, while mountains will see a cooler 30C. Be prepared for potential heatwaves and stay hydrated to beat the heat!

weather heatwave

Weather Watch: A Break from the Heatwave

The heatwave is taking a brief break on Monday, with temperatures reaching 39C inland, 30C on the west coast, and 33C on other coasts, while mountain regions enjoy a cooler 29C. Stay hydrated, seek shade, and monitor local forecasts as temperatures are set to rise above average in the upcoming days, posing potential health risks during the scorching conditions.

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Today’s Weather: Scorching Heat Persists

The scorching heat continues to dominate the weather forecast, with inland areas reaching a blistering 40 degrees Celsius and coastal regions experiencing highs of 3436 degrees Celsius. Despite a slight dip in temperatures and a chance of rain on Sunday, clear skies and rising temperatures are expected to return by Tuesday.

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One more scorcher before temperatures drop

Residents are bracing for a scorching day as temperatures hit 44 degrees Celsius inland and 32 degrees Celsius in higher altitudes, triggering an orange heatwave warning. Precautions include staying indoors from 11 am to 5 pm, hydrating, wearing lightweight clothing, and reporting any signs of fire to emergency services to prevent potential disasters.

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Orange Warning for Extreme Heat and Dust

An orange warning has been issued for extreme heat and dust in the Mediterranean, with temperatures reaching up to 43°C inland and 38°C on the coast. Precautions such as staying hydrated and avoiding direct sunlight are crucial to cope with these intense conditions.

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Anticipating the Swelter: Preparing for Intense Heat

As the mercury rises and a heatwave approaches, it’s essential to stay cool and hydrated. With temperatures expected to reach a scorching 40 degrees Celsius, take precautions such as avoiding strenuous activity, checking on vulnerable neighbors, and never leaving children or pets in parked vehicles. Stay safe and prepared for the upcoming intense heat.

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