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Tragic Impact of Extreme Heat

Extreme heat can have tragic consequences, as seen with the recent death of a 64yearold woman from heatstroke at Nicosia general hospital. With temperatures soaring above 42C (107.6F), it’s crucial to stay hydrated, wear light clothing, and seek cool shelters to avoid heatrelated illnesses.

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Recovery of Heatstroke-Affected Conscripts Shows Promise

The recovery of heatstrokeaffected conscripts is progressing well, with positive signs of improvement reported for both young servicemen. The 17yearold airlifted to Paris is emerging from a coma, while the 18yearold, also battling COVID19, has been removed from ventilation and is now coherent. Proactive measures and assessments are underway to ensure conscript safety moving forward.

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Three Elderly Hospitalized with Heatstroke

Three elderly individuals are currently hospitalized with heatstroke in Nicosia, Cyprus, amidst a severe heatwave. With temperatures soaring, staying hydrated, seeking cool environments, and dressing appropriately are crucial preventive measures to combat the lifethreatening effects of extreme heat.

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