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agriculture water shortage

Farmers’ Struggle for Water in Paphos

In Paphos, farmers are struggling with severe water limitations, risking their crops and livelihoods. Reduced water allocations and the drying Asprokremmos dam have led to mounting concerns, prompting calls for state intervention and sustainable water management solutions.

rural development community sustainability

Housing Scheme for Mountain and Rural Areas Extended

The government’s housing scheme for mountain and rural areas has been extended until 2025, aiming to revitalize communities by offering financial aid and simplifying processes. Over 14,000 households have already benefited from the scheme, which now includes ongoing constructions and inherited properties to support sustainable community development.

government support healthcare tourism

Government Support for Families of Medical Patients Abroad

The government of Cyprus is offering financial support to families of patients seeking medical treatment abroad. Eligible households earning less than €100,000 annually can receive coverage for travel, accommodation, and food expenses for one accompanying relative, in an effort to ease the financial burden on families dealing with healthcarerelated travel.

economy fiscal policy

Economic Measures in Response to Cost of Living Challenges

President Nikos Christodoulides has announced economic measures to address the cost of living crisis, including scaled subsidies for electricity and extended reductions in fuel tax, totaling €60 million. These measures aim to balance immediate relief with fiscal caution amidst rising financial pressures.

potato farmers government support

Potato Producers Promise Presidential Palace Protest

Potato farmers in Cyprus are set to protest at the presidential palace, demanding increased government support to manage rising production costs. After unsuccessful talks with the agriculture ministry, they have given a threeweek ultimatum for a meeting, with grain and crop growers expected to join in solidarity.

knowledge-based economy technological innovation

Cyprus’ Path to a Knowledge-Based Tech Economy

Cyprus is urged to take key steps in developing a knowledgebased tech economy, including establishing a business culture promoting innovation, implementing a supportive legal framework, investing in education, encouraging digital transformation, creating a venture capital fund, and focusing on developing local talent while attracting international expertise. The island’s potential as a tech hub and its unique position to become a regional center for innovation were emphasized by experts at the Economist Conference, who also announced the initiation of Cyprus’s first publiclysupported venture capital fund.

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