politics racism

Arikli brands CTP ‘MP’ racist

Erhan Arikli, the transport minister, accused Ceyhun Birinci, a CTP MP in Cyprus, of racism after a heated exchange about identity in parliament. The confrontation sheds light on deeper issues of belonging and racism in a country with a divided past, sparking broader discussions on unity and acceptance.

politics democracy

Cyprus’ democracy continues to be flawed

Cyprus’ democracy faces challenges in political culture, participation, and government functioning, signaling a need for reform. Public discontent with economic management and the Cyprus problem, along with persistent corruption and a lack of checks and balances, contribute to the nation’s democratic stagnation.

energy infrastructure

Govt to participate in interconnector project – if conditions met

The Cyprus government will join the Great Sea Interconnector project if it meets financial and strategic conditions, linking energy infrastructures with Greece and Israel for enhanced energy security and regional cooperation. Finance Minister Makis Keravnos emphasized the project’s potential to end Cyprus’s energy isolation and underscored the need for thorough examination of the estimated €100 million investment required from the Republic of Cyprus.

geopolitics international relations

Archbishop: Turkey plans complete occupation of Cyprus

Archbishop Georgios issued a stark warning that Turkey is aiming for the total occupation of Cyprus, posing a serious threat to regional stability in the Eastern Mediterranean. He urged Greek solidarity to counter Turkish expansionism and emphasized the critical strategic importance of Cyprus amidst ongoing geopolitical tensions.

politics youth empowerment

Cyprus Could Lower Voting Age to 17

Cyprus Considers Lowering Voting Age to 17 Cyprus is on the brink of allowing 17yearolds to vote in elections, a move that could reshape the country’s political landscape. Spearheaded by Disy MP Averof Neophytou, this transformative proposal has garnered support from various political factions and the government, hinting at a potential constitutional amendment by May 2026.

politics cultural collaboration

Debate over Cyprus-Israel film agreement heats up

The CyprusIsrael film coproduction agreement has sparked a heated debate, emphasizing the delicate balance between cultural collaboration and political sensitivities, particularly surrounding the humanitarian situation in Gaza. Despite opposition criticism, the agreement was ratified, showcasing a commitment to crossborder cultural exchange and the potential for cinema to promote mutual understanding between nations.

maritime sustainability

Cyprus’ Triumph at IMO Election Despite Opposition

Cyprus triumphed in the IMO elections, maintaining its position in the Council’s Category C despite opposition from the Turkish bloc and Russian resistance. Deputy Minister Hadjimanolis’ leadership showcased Cyprus’ maritime influence and commitment to sustainable shipping practices, solidifying its stance as a key player in global maritime affairs.

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