firefighters occupational hazards

Firefighters Demand Extra Pay for Dangers of Job

Firefighters, represented by the association Sypyk, demand extra pay to recognize the dangers they face daily, including extreme heat, toxic smoke, and lifethreatening situations. This plea seeks fairness and support for the occupational risks that can lead to increased rates of cancer, heart disease, and lung conditions.

international day of remembrance and honor fallen police officers

International Day of Remembrance and Honor

The International Day of Remembrance and Honor, observed on March 7th, is a somber tribute to fallen and missing police officers and firefighters, commemorating their valor and sacrifices. Ceremonies and tributes worldwide honor their service and dedication, underscoring the gratitude and respect for those who have safeguarded society and defended public order.

climate change fire service

Fire Service being upgraded in face of climate change

The Fire Service is upgrading its resources and technology to combat the increasing threat of wildfires and extreme weather events caused by climate change. Justice Minister Anna Procopiou highlighted the importance of specialized training programs and expressed gratitude to firefighters for their dedication and sacrifices in protecting citizens and their properties, giving reassurance of their ability to adapt and respond to the challenges ahead.

firefighters severe weather emergencies

Firefighters Respond to Severe Weather Emergencies

Firefighters remain on high alert and conduct rescue operations in response to severe weather emergencies. They demonstrate their relentless spirit by saving individuals from incapacitated vehicles, removing uprooted trees, pumping out floodwaters, clearing debris, and handling nonweather related incidents like fires, ensuring community safety and providing vital information.

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