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Yellow Weather Warning and High Fire Risk Alert

Residents must remain vigilant due to a yellow weather warning and high fire risk alert. With scorching temperatures expected from 11 am to 5 pm, precautions such as avoiding firestarting activities and adhering to permit regulations are crucial, alongside keeping an eye out for smoke or flames and being cautious on rough waters.

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Cyprus Business Now: Weekly Wrap-Up

The Larnaca District’s fire risk assessment by Ask Wire reveals 45% lowrisk areas and 21% high to very high risk zones, emphasizing the importance of targeted fire safety strategies. The Bank of Cyprus Academy celebrates its first graduation, showcasing the commitment to upskilling employees in vital areas like Strategy and Digital Marketing, while Cyprus’s real estate market thrives and the digital euro promises to revolutionize the financial landscape.

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Cypriot Tech Firm Analyzes Fire Risk in Larnaca

Ask Wire’s fire risk analysis in Larnaca has categorized the district into four levels, with 45% deemed low risk, while highrisk areas like Odou and Melini are identified. Of the 54,102 buildings analyzed, 79% are residential, aiding in fire safety, insurance assessment, and property management.

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