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scandal financial misconduct

Unraveling the Osiou Avakoum Monastery Scandal

The Osiou Avakoum Monastery scandal rocks the serene walls with allegations of €450,000 embezzlement by Tamassos Bishop Isaias. Investigations reveal monks’ salaries diverted for an archbishop election campaign, sparking legal entanglements and a crisis of faith in the Eastern Orthodox community.

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Police Request Fresh Remand for Avakoum Monk

In a dramatic turn of events, Archimandrite Nektarios faces an extended remand as police investigate financial misconduct at Osiou Avakoum Monastery involving €1,330,000. With allegations and counterallegations flying between Nektarios and Bishop Isaias, the legal proceedings intensify in a gripping courtroom saga.

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Monastery Scandal: More Arrests, Greece Role Possible

The Osiou Avakoum monastery scandal unravels with allegations of financial crimes, witness tampering, and missing invoices totaling millions of euros, leading to the arrest of Archimandrite Nektarios. As investigations widen, suspicions of Greek property involvement emerge, hinting at crossborder complexities in the case.

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