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fiscal responsibility strategic prioritization

Govt to maximise efficiency of public spending

In an ambitious move, President Nikos Christodoulides is pushing for fiscal responsibility and strategic prioritization in the government’s quest to maximize the efficiency of public spending. By balancing the 2025 state budget, scrutinizing ministry budgets, and emphasizing developmental and social programs, the administration aims to pave the way for economic growth, digital transformation, and a greener future.

technology digital transformation

Civil Registry Gets Digital Facelift

The civil registry in Nicosia has undergone a digital transformation with the introduction of ten new online services, including reissuing birth and death certificates, renewing IDs, and obtaining residency certificates. These upgrades aim to simplify processes, improve efficiency, and enhance citizenstate interactions.

digital transformation smes

Strengthening Digital Synergy: CYENS’s Role in Linking SMEs with Public Organizations

CYENS Centre of Excellence and DiGiNN are at the forefront of Cyprus’s digital transformation by connecting SMEs and public organizations, offering collaboration opportunities, digital skills training, and support in adopting new technologies to enhance competitiveness and public services in Cyprus. Through innovative initiatives like the GovTech networking series, they are building bridges between different sectors, paving the way for a futureready digital economy in Cyprus.

economic optimism strategic alliances

Economic Optimism and Strategic Alliances: Highlights from the Presidential Meeting

The recent Presidential meeting in Cyprus highlighted the country’s thriving economy, marked by a successful €1 billion bond issue and positive credit ratings. Discussions also emphasized the importance of digital transformation in the public sector, environmental sustainability, and the initiation of a strategic dialogue with the United States, showcasing a commitment to economic growth and global partnerships.

digital transformation payment innovation

Mastercard’s Vision for a Digitally-Driven Cyprus

Mastercard envisions a digitallydriven future for Cyprus, focusing on enhancing payment experiences, fostering innovation, prioritizing cybersecurity, and supporting sustainability and inclusiveness. Cyprus’s adoption of cashless payments is rising, reflecting the successful shift towards a digital economy.

digital transformation e-services

Cyprus to launch 20 new e-services by July 2024

Cyprus is set to revolutionize government services with the launch of 20 new eservices by July 2024. These digital offerings, accessible through the portal and digital citizen applications, will simplify tasks like obtaining identity cards, passports, and vital records, marking a significant advancement in bureaucratic efficiency and citizen convenience.

intergenerational learning digital transformation

UoL Project to See Intergenerational Groups Collaborate

The University of Limassol’s “InterGenic” project aims to bridge the digital and ecological knowledge gap between young individuals and seniors in Lympia, fostering intergenerational learning and communitydriven change. By empowering elderly with digital tools and teaching sustainable living practices to the youth, the project seeks to create lasting bonds and promote inclusive green and digital transitions.

digital transformation e-government

Advancements in Cyprus’s Digital Landscape: A Leap Towards E-Government

Cyprus is rapidly embracing digital transformation with plans to launch an AIpowered digital assistant and relocate state data centers for enhanced cybersecurity. The country’s shift towards egovernment includes introducing a mobile app for storing official documents, creating a central government gateway, implementing electronic identity and signatures, and integrating artificial intelligence across sectors.

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