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CBC Governor Discusses Digital Euro, Crypto, and Fintech Initiatives

Central Bank of Cyprus Governor Constantinos Herodotou discussed the digital transformation of finance, highlighting the challenges and opportunities it brings. He emphasized the need for trust and stability in the financial system, including the development of a digital euro by the European Central Bank. Cyprus is also advancing digitally with platforms for customerbank interactions and an Innovation Hub for fintech dialogue.

government transparency

A New Digital Era: Cyprus Government Launches ‘Diakivernisi’ Portal

The Cyprus government has launched the ‘Diakivernisi’ portal, a digital space aimed at enhancing transparency, accountability, and civic participation. The portal will provide information on government actions and policies, and facilitate twoway communication between citizens and government bodies, setting a new standard for governmentpublic relationships.

climate change sustainable tourism

Pragmatic Climate Change Strategies for Mediterranean Tourism

Kostas Koumis, the Cypriot Deputy Minister of Tourism, has called for practical climate change strategies to be integrated into Mediterranean tourism during the recent ‘Mediterranean Tourism Forum Minister’s Summit’ in Valletta, Malta. Koumis emphasized the need for digital transformation, extending the tourist season, and fostering collaboration among Mediterranean countries to manage the challenges of climate change and sustainable tourism.

police reform modernization

Comprehensive Police Reform in Cyprus

The comprehensive police reform in Cyprus aims to modernize and upgrade the police force, strengthen their independence, implement technological advancements, and establish a corruption prevention and integrity policy. The reforms are influenced by GRECO’s recommendations and seek to enhance effectiveness, independence, and transparency within the police force, addressing both the need for technological improvements and the importance of integrity measures.

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