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Annita Demetriou’s Steadfast Leadership

Amidst party strife, Annita Demetriou’s steadfast leadership as House president and leader of Disy shines. From managing internal disputes to a firm stance on foreign policy, she has evolved into a commanding political figure, uniting the party and establishing a council of elders for inclusive leadership.

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Enhancing Digital Futures: Cyprus Advances AI and Data Strategy

Cyprus is advancing in AI and data strategy through partnerships with Greece, enhancing digital services, improving data quality, fostering private sector innovation, and ensuring ethical AI use, while complying with international standards like the EU’s AI Act. The collaboration between Cyprus and Greece, announced by Deputy Minister Nicodemos Damianou, promises exciting digital advancements like the Digital Citizen application and a shift towards applicationoriented strategies, aiming to make AI work for everyday life and streamline interactions with citizens.

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