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‘Golden knowledge’ programme launched to attract tech talent

Cyprus has launched the ‘Golden Knowledge’ programme, allowing foreign tech professionals in research and innovation to acquire Cypriot citizenship through a fasttrack process. The goal is to attract specialized talent, boost economic growth, and promote innovation, with criteria including financial independence, good character, and a basic knowledge of Greek.

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Property Sale Restrictions in Northern Cyprus

The interior minister of Northern Cyprus, Dursun Oguz, has announced plans to introduce new restrictions on property purchases by thirdcountry nationals, in an effort to address concerns over “dark money” and ensure investment transparency. The proposed legislation aims to slow down foreign real estate investment and tackle demographic concerns, with a focus on market order and sustainability.

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Pursuit of Justice for Isias Hotel Tragedy

The Isias hotel collapse has sparked a demand for justice, with calls for those responsible to face charges of ‘intentional killing’. Evidence of substandard materials and unauthorized modifications suggests intentional negligence, leading to tragic loss of lives. Advocates for justice, including opposition leader Tufan Erhurman and lawyer Pervin Aksoy, are pushing for accountability and hoping to prevent such disasters in the future through safety measures and regulatory enforcement.

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Finance Minister to address Invest Cyprus annual general meeting

The Invest Cyprus annual general meeting, held in Nicosia, aims to unveil the strategic roadmap for sustainable investment and economic development, reinforcing Cyprus’ position as a prime location for business and innovation. Notable figures, including the Deputy Minister to the President and the Minister of Finance, will be in attendance, and the CEO of Invest Cyprus will present on investable projects and key criteria for investment in Cyprus.

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Cyprus Investment Fund Legislation: A Game Changer for Economic Competitiveness

Cyprus’s new investment fund legislation is expected to increase the country’s appeal as an investment destination, enhance the legal framework for collective investments, create job opportunities, and position Cyprus as an international hub for investment, boosting its economic competitiveness. The legislation is seen as a leap forward for fund management and a crucial development in the legal framework, with the potential to drive growth and economic diversification. It is anticipated to have substantial economic benefits, fueling the domestic economy and establishing a sustainable growth model.

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