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‘Still a lack of trust on halloumi issue’

The Cypriot halloumi cheese industry continues to grapple with a “lack of trust” due to its complex history of production and regulation. The government, led by President Nikos Christodoulides, aims to protect halloumi’s PDO status and its role as a key export while addressing concerns about authenticity and livelihoods among stakeholders.

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An Alternative Journey into Cypriot Music

Immerse yourself in Cypriot culture at Rialto Theatre in Limassol with “Cypriot Music Re…Visited” and Greek laiko music by Yiannis Kotsiras. Experience traditional island melodies blended with modern compositions, a celebration of musical heritage. Visit for ticket details.

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Events for all at CVAR

CVAR in Nicosia offers a range of cultural events including festive art scavenger hunts for children, exhibitions like “Croatian Intangible Cultural Heritage on UNESCO Lists,” and concerts, ballets, plays, and workshops that engage the community and celebrate the arts in Nicosia’s old town. With its vibrant atmosphere and diverse activities, CVAR is a cultural fiesta that brings together markets, concerts, ballets, plays, parties, and workshops to celebrate the arts and community in the heart of Nicosia.

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Crafting Tradition: The Ceramic Legacy of Cyprus

Souzana Petri’s ceramic art in Cyprus weaves the rich heritage of the island with modern narratives, offering snapshots of historical life while educating new generations. She innovates tradition, merging it with contemporary elements, and commits to teaching, ensuring the craft’s evolution and its relevance for future Cypriots.

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Celebrating Cypriot Culture: A Day of Heritage and Traditions

The European Heritage Days in Nicosia offer a day of immersive cultural experiences, including artisan and cooking workshops, communal meals, and discussions on heritage and identity. Limited spots are available, so preregistration is required to participate in the various activities that celebrate and preserve the vibrant traditions of Cyprus.

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