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Paphos Resident Arrested for Theft and Money Laundering

A 29yearold Paphos resident has been arrested for allegedly deceiving clients in fraudulent car sale agreements, resulting in theft and money laundering. Victims reported paying large sums for vehicles that were never delivered and not refunded, leading to the suspect’s arrest by the Paphos CID. The ongoing investigation is focused on uncovering the full scope of the alleged illegal activities and determining the extent of the theft and money laundering operation.

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Nicosia Car Thefts Lead to Arrest Following Aglantzia Crash

A 31yearold man was arrested in Aglantzia, Nicosia, following a dramatic chase that resulted from a series of car thefts. The suspect crashed into a building and attempted to flee on foot but was apprehended and found in possession of narcotics, leading to multiple charges. The arrest sheds light on a larger network of criminal activity, and the community hopes for increased safety and security as the investigation continues.

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Three Arrests in Cyprus Linked to Burglary and Theft

The Cyprus police have made three arrests in Limassol and Famagusta for burglary and theft, recovering stolen property and securing suspects. In Limassol, two were arrested for a café burglary, and in Famagusta, another was apprehended for car theft and illegal firearm possession. Investigations continue in both cases.

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